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Caines Arcade 2019 – The kids are at it again.

Core Bank : Caine's Arcade

By David Chew, SBA Credit Analyst, Core Bank Earlier this month, a group of us from Core Bank had the opportunity to participate in the Caines Arcade Project. This is an event at Christa McAuliffe Elementary School in Lenexa, Kansas where the 5th grade students design, create, and operate their uniquely designed arcade games. During […]

Rising Construction Services – Safer Construction… One Cone at a Time

Rising Construction, Inc.

By Alicia Walker, SBA Relationship Manager, Core Bank I started writing my “Super Women in Business” blog series a few years ago to showcase the bold and intelligent women who decided to leap tall obstacles and realize their dreams of entrepreneurship. They are stories of how and why women started in business. My goal was […]

Employee Spotlight: Shelby Slater, SBA Credit Analyst

By Shelby Slater, SBA Credit Analyst Hello, hello everyone! Greetings from Kansas City. My name is Shelby. Finding Core Bank: My journey to Core Bank has certainly been an interesting one. This journey began at The University of Kansas. Along my academic path, I was inspired by three noteworthy people; all leading me to where […]

Safely Delicious Keeps the Awards Coming!

By Michele Walters, Vice President SBA Commercial Relationship Manager, Core Bank Have you ever met someone that you just knew had a great idea and was going to do great things? I did in August 2017… her name was Lisa Ragan and her company was Safely Delicious. Since then, the company has accumulated many great […]