Our Story

A letter from an individual who is passionate about teamwork 
(who just so happens to be our President)

Welcome! We’re glad you’re here. Hopefully you’ve already got the hint that we love what we do for you. (Yes, bankers have passion, too!) In fact, Core Bank was so named because you – our customers – are at its very core. Our name speaks to strength + substance, strong character + sound banking principles, heart + soul.

We strive to be the local bank that is running ahead of the pack, creating better options for our community, for businesses, and friends and neighbors. And we’re working hard to build a strong team culture, constantly encouraging each other to think creatively on your behalf.

I hope you’ll call or stop by one of our convenient locations sometime soon. Let us introduce you to a banking experience that’s being redefined, and designed specifically with you in mind – you at the core.

John Sorrell

Why Core Bank?

Our customers come first

Core Bank aspires to be a truly remarkable company that just happens to be a bank. Remarkable is a tall order, but we know that success is about consistence and excellence in serving our customers, and attention to detail in the smallest and grandest matters of business. We’re obsessed with giving you a great experience every time you interact with us. We’re always getting better for your sake.

We deliver

We’re a full service bank with a comprehensive menu of products and expertise: personal, business, and real estate (residential construction and mortgage) banking, and trust services. A breadth and depth of knowledge; served up with a personal touch.

We are a community bank

A locally owned bank, we have deep roots in the community. Our work ethic and commitment are homegrown in the heartland. Strong ownership. Strong leadership. Strong practices. Strong values.

We innovate

We’re proud to be a community bank – but we don’t rest on our local laurels. We strive to be both high touch and high tech. We’re leading the market with advanced technology to provide convenience and security, but we still love to interact with our customers in personalized and awesomely unexpected ways. Call us a not-too-big bank with super-impressive services and capabilities.

We are so much more than a bank

We do everything by design (including our culture): smart, simple, and intentional. We are fostering an environment that’s a great place to bank and a great place to work. Growing together, learning together, and having fun doing it. We do what’s right for the customer, because that’s what really matters…you at the core.

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We are so much more than a bank.
Not a mere collection of buildings and financial tools.
Not just a place to work or manage money.
We are a community. First and foremost.
Of friends and neighbors.
And partners in making life just a little bit better.
When the rest of the world settles, we push on.
To something greater.
More fun.
We think positive.
We do the right thing.
And we never pretend to be nice. We just are.
Because that’s how we’d want to be treated.
And that’s what truly matters.
Core Bank. You at the core.

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To be a truly remarkable company that just happens to be a bank.

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Our Most Important PRIORITIES

Most companies list words as values. Things like Integrity, Excellence and Teamwork.
But simply listing a word as a value doesn’t magically transform a company.
Our values need to be demonstrated through our actions:
how we work, who we promote, who we hire and who we let go.
We know it’s not conventional but here’s how we feel:
we value character, performance and our customers. And our culture proves it.

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This is our recipe for awesome


We want more than anything to create a banking experience that will delight and surprise.


We encourage curiosity and the courage to push for better.


Our best and brightest want responsibility, not power.


We don’t do anything we’d be ashamed to tell our grandmother.


We have no room for not-nice people. Being smart isn’t an excuse for being rude.


We help each other get to great.


We do good work. No shortcuts. No excuses.


We protect what’s entrusted to us by our shareholders and our customers.


We all deserve to love what we do. We are in charge of making this company great.

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