We Are so Much More Than a


Our Purpose

Welcome! We’re glad you’re here. Core Bank was so named because you – our customers – are at our very core. The name speaks to strength + substance, strong character + sound banking principles, and heart + soul.

We strive to be the local bank that is running ahead of the pack. Our purpose lies in continually supporting each other internally, serving our customers, and working in our communities – and Building Better every step of the way.

We are committed to continuing to deliver a banking experience designed specifically with you in mind.​

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John Sorrell

Why Core Bank?

Our Customers Come First

Core Bank aspires to be a truly remarkable company that just happens to be a bank. “Remarkable” is a tall order, but we know that success is about consistency and excellence in serving our customers, and attention to detail in both the smallest and grandest matters of business. We’re obsessed with giving you a great experience every time you interact with us, whether it’s in person or through one of our digital platforms. We’re always getting better for your sake.

We Deliver

We’re a full-service bank with a comprehensive menu of products and expertise, including personal, business, real estate, and healthcare banking, along with wealth management services. We provide a breadth and depth of knowledge not often found, all served up with a personal touch.

We Are a Community Bank

As a family-owned bank, we have deep roots in our communities. Our work ethic and commitment are homegrown. We’ve built ourselves around strong leadership and values.

We Are So Much More Than a Bank

We do everything by design (including our culture). We keep things smart, simple, and intentional. We are fostering an environment that’s a great place to bank and a great place to work. We’re always growing together, learning together, and having fun doing it. We do what’s right for the customer because that’s what really matters—you at the core.

Our Recipe for Awesome


We help each other get to great through open, transparent communication. We assume positive intent and address obstacles constructively.  We break down silos and build each other up.


We seek out possibilities and creative solutions, and we challenge the status quo. We are hungry for information and ask, “What can we do better?” and “How can I help?” 


Our best and brightest are given tools to make decisions and pave the way. All our team members are eager to take ownership and desire accountability.


We’re authentic, honest and have respect for each person’s journey. We admit mistakes and let them propel us forward. It’s that simple.


We embrace change with a healthy sense of urgency and a willingness to pivot to better solutions.


We exist to serve our customers, both internal and external, and are passionate about delivering the best experience while having fun doing so!

Ready to Switch to Core Bank?

Get in touch with our team members today to set up a new account or to learn more about our wide range of services! We’re always ready to help and will be sure to put you at the core of everything we do.