Fraud Prevention Tools

Keep your business’s finances safe and secure with Core Bank’s variety of fraud protection services. We offer everything from positive pay to real time alerts, user limits, and much more.

Keeping Your Money Safe

When banking, you shouldn’t be left worrying about the money in your account and what it’s doing, leave that to the experts. At Core Bank, we use a wide array of fraud prevention tools designed to keep your money safe and allow you to know if anything has changed with your account!

Fraud Prevention Tools for Your Business

Positive Pay

Detect fraudulent checks or ACH transactions presented to your business through positive pay. This ensures only items matching your pre-approved list are paid while alerting you of other items presented where you can approve or reject the payment. Reverse positive pay available.

Real Time Alerts

Establish alerts via text message or email that may indicate activity outside of your norm to detect fraud attempts in real time.

Debit Card Monitoring

Our 24-hour monitoring system works behind the scenes to detect out of pattern activity and will temporarily freeze your card until you verify the transaction.

ACH Block and Filter

Prevent unauthorized electronic transactions with Core Bank’s ACH (Automated Clearing House) block and filter tools. We will reject potentially fraudulent ACH transactions before they post to your account.

Customized Permissions

Your company administrator can ensure dual control, grant access, establish permissions and set limits for authorized users within online banking. Their ability to view, transact, and approve transactions is established based on your preferences. Track user activity with standard reports available in our online reporting.

Soft Tokens

Protect your account from corporate account take over or internal fraud using our soft tokens when initiating any wire or ACH transactions. Tokens provide an “out of band” authentication and approval process before a payment is sent.

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