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Treasury Services


With RDC you can enjoy the convenience of making deposits to your accounts without having to make a trip to the bank. Your check images are electronically captured and submitted safe and secure from your home or office to the bank for processing. This streamlines your deposit process and accelerates your cash flow.

  • Elimination of a paper deposit ticket
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased transaction efficiency
  • Expedited funds availability
  • 25 months of searchable record retention
  • Automatic record backup
  • Greater security and reduced fraud risk




With Core Bank Business Mobile Banking, you have instant, secure access to your accounts.  We have apps for both Apple and Android products. App features include the ability to:

  • View balances and transactions
  • Transfer funds between eligible accounts
  • Make deposits
  • Pay bills

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Make it simple for your customers to make and pay for purchases directly from your website. Core Bank is your one-stop online payment processing solution. You can offer your customers a one-time automatic withdrawal from their checking account or they can use their credit or debit card as payment options.

Electronic Check Conversion

Improve your cash flow and reduce your deposit expense. At the Point-of-Sale, Core Bank can convert that paper check you receive into a safe and efficient “electronic check” in a matter of seconds.

Merchant Processing

Broaden your payment options by accepting debit cards and all major credit cards. You’ll be able to process the transaction efficiently, increase your average total sale, simplify your end-of-day processing and guarantee your payment.





ACH (Automated Clearing House) Origination is the gateway between your business accounts and other financial institutions for the purpose of processing electronic transactions. Streamline payments and reduce transaction costs with electronic ACH services. Whether for collecting payment or making deposits, our ACH services provide improved cash flow efficiency and reduce the occurrence of check fraud.

Wire Transfer

Need to transfer money quickly and securely? We can help. Move funds quickly and securely around the country with our Wire Transfer service. You can submit your request in the option that’s most convenient for you.




Core Bank’s suite of cash management products is designed to help businesses manage their working capital more effectively. Whether you have remote or multi-state depository requirements, large amounts of cash receipts to process or the need to streamline your accounts receivable function, Core Bank has a product to meet your individual requirements.

Lockbox Services

Keep your business running smoothly by setting up a lockbox service to simplify the collection and processing of payments. Core Bank’s lockbox service will collect and process your customers’ payments and deposit the money directly into your account. This simple and secure way of banking reduces your trips to the bank, and improves the collection of checks while reducing the handling, time, and expense within the company. All payment support records are forwarded to the company for documentation purposes.

Sweeps | Zero Balance Accounts

Core Sweeps can help your company manage your day-to-day cash position while earning interest on idled funds. You set a target balance in the general account and the system will automatically maintain it by transferring to/from an interest-bearing account. Sweeps can also be used to maintain a zero balance in a payroll account and will automatically transfer funds when a check clears.

Automated Funds Transfer

Automatic funds transfers are convenient and cost effective. Transfer funds from your other Core Bank accounts—you can eliminate overdraft fees and service charges.

ACH Cash Concentration

Depositing funds into multiple banks and need an easy, low-cost way to consolidate them into one bank? Using our ACH capabilities, you can easily and inexpensively transfer all your funds to Core Bank.

Inter-Bank Transfers

Our ACH service allows you to transfer funds from any other financial institution in the country to your Core Bank account in an easy, inexpensive and secure manner.

Automatic Pay Downs and Advances to Revolving Loan

Whether you need your revolving loan to be paid down with the funds available in your account or you need an advance from your revolving loan to pay items posting to your account, we can help. We’ll monitor your account balance, so you can reduce your interest expense and free up more time for your business responsibilities.


Core Bank can assist you in maximizing the earnings on your deposits while keeping your money FDIC insured. We’ll help you find the best option for you based on your cash flow needs. Our investment options include:

  • Money Market Account
  • Certificate of Deposit
  • Simplified Employee Pension Plan Account (SEP-IRA)

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