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Brandon Fowler

Brandon Fowler is from Omaha, NE and has been with Core Bank since January 2022. He has 5 years of finance experience with his previous work in personal lending and the financial advising space. As time progressed, he felt the mortgage industry provided more opportunities for both personal and professional growth. He loves the mortgage team and the ability to work from anywhere.

His memorable customer experience was being able to help a couple of his Wayne State College baseball teammates with the purchase of their first homes. For any of his clients who feel that the homebuying process is daunting and have many questions, he is happy to get into the weeds and make the homebuying process feel more like a total financial analysis approach. He wants people to be excited about a new chapter in their lives and have total peace of mind financially throughout the process.

Brandon and his wife, Kersten, have three pets: two cats (Beans and Sherbert) and a black lab puppy named Cam. Brandon is very sociable and enjoys spending time with family and friends. You can spot him on the golf course and is an avid outdoorsman in the cooler and winter months. His favorite quote is from the late professional baseball player Jackie Robinson, “A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.”

Read how Brandon helps his customers in the blog “Painting a Better Future with the Core Bank Affordable Housing Loan Program.”

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House Projects for Spring Break Staycations

House Projects for Spring Break Staycations

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