Chip-Enabled Debit Card

Your security is important to us. That’s why we are implementing the newest technology in debit cards to ensure your card information is more secure.

About Chip Cards:
Chip-enabled cards contain a small microchip that allows for additional security and protection against fraud for transactions at chip-enabled terminals. While magnetic stripe cards are still secure, chip cards add an extra layer of security to help prevent fraudulent activity. Every time your new card is used at a chip-enabled terminal, the card’s chip creates a unique code that cannot be used again.

You may hear this technology referred to with different terminology; EMV, Chip Card, Smart Card, Smart-Chip Card, Chip-Enabled Card.

How to Use:
1. Insert your card (chip end first) into the chip slot on the terminal.

2. You will be prompted by the merchant’s terminal to either use a PIN or sign to verify the transaction. Both are secure and will process the same way with no additional charges. If the merchant does not ask you to enter a PIN, you will not be able to request cash back.

3. After the transaction is complete, be sure to remove your debit card from the slot.

Where to Use:
Your new debit card will continue to work at all merchants. For merchants who are not equipped with active chip-enabled terminals, you can continue to use the magnetic stripe on the back. If you are unsure of whether to insert your card or swipe, the terminal or cashier will walk you through the process.

For use with ATM transactions and online/phone purchases, you will continue to use your debit card as you always have.

Chip card technology is already the security standard for many countries around the world so your new chip card will continue to work and provide strong security for travel outside the Unites States. For those countries or merchants without the chip technology, you can still use the magnetic stripe on your card for transactions.

Getting a Chip Card:
Once your current Core Bank debit card expires, we will replace it with a Core Bank chip-enabled debit card. Unless your new debit card was reissued because it was compromised, lost or stolen, your card number will remain the same.

If you would like to request a chip card now, please contact us at 402-333-9100.

If you have questions regarding your Core Bank chip-enabled debit card, please contact our Customer Support team at 402-333-9100. We are happy to assist you with this or any of your banking needs.