Customers with trusts who work with Core Bank get access to services with professional trust administration and asset management. We manage trusts with the dual objective of allowing for growth and preserving the value of the family’s assets. Owning a trust can benefit you and your family by placing conditions on how and when your assets will be distributed. They also can reduce estate and gift taxes.

How We Can Help

Our experienced trust services team at Core Bank can help you administer your trust with our professional administration asset management services. You can count on us to handle all of your trust needs!

Trust Services for Your Needs

We offer trust, estate and charitable trust administration services to our customers at Core Bank. Our services help to protect your assets, reduce your tax burden, and leave the legacy you desire. Our experienced fiduciary experts can help find tax-efficient solutions for your most complex needs.

Trust FAQs

What is a trust?

A trust is a relationship where assets are held by one party for the benefit of another party. A trust is created by the owner, also called a grantor, who transfers property to a trustee. The trustee holds that property for the trust’s beneficiaries.

Why should I establish a trust?

Establishing a trust can help your assets avoid probate, protect trust assets from the beneficiary’s potential creditors, and give you greater protection than a will.

Are there any fees associated with owning a trust?

There’s no monthly maintenance fees for owning a trust at Core Bank.

How do I know which trust is right for me?

The most common types of trusts include living trusts/revocable trusts, testamentary trusts, irrevocable trusts, and charitable trusts. The type of trust that you choose depends on your needs and situation.

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