Monthly Archives: January 2013

Refinancing your mortgage? What to expect.

With interest rates at sustained all-time lows, there is no time like the present to refinance your mortgage.   Here’s what to expect:   Applying. The process is relatively straightforward; however, knowing some key information– including the value of your home, how much you want to borrow, income, amount of house taxes and insurance – can […]

Seven savvy tips to jump start a summer vacation fund

While it may be hard to get into a “vacation state of mind” during the dead of winter, there’s no better time than now to start saving for a summer trip. If your dream destination is a debt-free paradise, start with these helpful tips:  Establish a budget. Know how much you’ll need to do everything you […]

Resolve to Start, Grow Your Emergency Fund in the New Year

No finance-related New Year’s resolution would be complete without including an emergency fund.   Most experts agree that you should set aside enough money to cover at least three to six months-worth of living expenses, in the event that the “worst” happens (you lose your job, you’re saddled with unexpected medical expenses – you name […]