3 Ways Utilizing Treasury Services Can Improve Your Business

Oct 5, 2021 | Business, Core Bank

Treasury Services are a convenient way of managing your business’s funds. These tools not only help businesses manage their cash flow, but also automate payables and receivables, prevent fraud, and provide operational efficiencies giving you more time to focus on growing your business.

We realize there is not a one size fits all approach to business needs and therefore there are a wide variety of tools, no matter the size of your operation, to help you minimize time spent on banking and maximize your returns.

Treasury Services are designed to help your business gain efficiencies, expedite revenue cycles, and protect your assets which include:


1. Automate Daily Balance Management

Use technology to your advantage and automate all those tedious money moving tasks. Our treasury services team can help you set up cash sweeps to manage your company’s day-to-day cash positions while earning you interest on idled funds or reducing interest expense on debt vehicles. You select the daily ending balance and let the system handle the rest!


2. Get Your Money Faster

Receive your funds faster and remove trips to the bank with a variety of receivable management solutions.

Lockbox Services

Keep the business of preparing large volume deposits out of your hands and running smoothly by setting up a lockbox service to simplify the collection and processing of payments. Core Bank’s lockbox service will collect and process your customers’ payments via a secure and compliant PO Box. A lockbox reduces your trips to the bank and expedites the collection cycle. Core Bank’s lockbox services offer a single sign on experience from your online banking with a variety of reporting and researching functions all at your fingertips 24/7.


ACH (Automated Clearing House) streamlines the payment and collection process while removing the tedious task of writing checks, sending monthly invoices, or waiting for checks to be received for payment. Let us help you offer direct deposit for your client, collect rents or donations, pay bills, and more with ACH Services! Template creation and file upload options are available as well as same day ACH.

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) Services

With RDC you can enjoy the convenience of making deposits to your accounts without having to make a trip to the bank. Your check images are electronically captured and submitted safely from your place of business to the bank for processing. You can enjoy next day availability if you deposit items any time before 8 p.m.! No deposit ticket needed, no branch run, no problem!

Business Mobile Banking

With Core Bank Business Mobile Banking, you have instant, secure access to your accounts. Our app allows you to do your business banking in a more convenient way through the ability to view balances and transactions, make mobile deposits, pay bills, and so much more! Maybe your check volume does not warrant a lockbox or RDC, however our app offers free mobile deposits for clients who need to deposit lower volume checks or process items while out on a job site. To learn more about Mobile Banking, click here!


3. Fight Fraud

A lot of people are concerned about fraud nowadays, and for good reason. Core Bank offers several fraud preventions tools including ACH and Check positive pay, real time account alerts, ACH block and filter, customer reporting, and dual controls.

As a business owner, it’s always a worthwhile exercise to reevaluate your operations and find ways to streamline processes in order to be more efficient, save time and save money. Our Treasury Services team is happy to discuss your pain points, evaluate your processes, or even take a look at your current bank pricing to ensure you are receiving the best value possible.

To learn more about how our Treasury Services team can help you run your business more smoothly, visit https://corebank.com/business/treasury-services/.