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Tips for First Time Home Buyer Success

By Levi Walker, Mortgage Loan Originator Okay, so you are a first time home buyer and you’re tired of paying your landlords mortgage, couch surfing with friends, or ready to move out of your paternal basement. What do you do and where do you even...

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10 Terms Every Homebuyer Should Know

Buying a home is a common undertaking for many Americans, but it's also one of the most complicated — not to mention costly — purchases adults will ever make. It's important to understand these 10 essential terms so you're ready to make smart decisions with your...

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How much house can you afford?

If purchasing a home is in your future, you’ll want to take a good, hard look at just how much home you can really afford. That “magic number” is primarily the function of two key items: The amount you are able to borrow, and the amount of payment you are able to...

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Refinancing your mortgage? What to expect.

With interest rates at sustained all-time lows, there is no time like the present to refinance your mortgage. Here’s what to expect:   Applying. The process is relatively straightforward; however, knowing some key information– including the value of your home, how...

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