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Understanding Market Downturns

For prepared investors, market downturns can represent great opportunity.Nearly everywhere you turn, from friends and colleagues to cable news shows, you can find someone with a strong opinion about the financial markets. People will often use specific...

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The Safe and Secure Way to Pay: Mobile Wallets

Mobile technology has been the driving force behind many great advancements made in the last decade. Your smartphone is not only a phone, but also a powerful tool that can help you calculate a tip at a restaurant, take a picture anytime, or even read a...

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Why a HELOC might be right for you

A home equity line of credit (HELOC) is a good way to utilize the equity you have in your home to make a large purchase that otherwise is difficult to save up for. A credit limit will be established based on your home’s current valuation.  With a HELOC you...

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Your guide to summer home maintenance

The joy of homeownership is a feeling like no other. The sense of pride that comes with owning your home is hard to come by elsewhere. With that, however, comes maintenance. Think of maintaining your home as a way of protecting your investment,...

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Five Basics of Financial Literacy

Financial literacy is the ability to understand and employ a variety of financial principles such as personal finance management, investing, and budgeting. Having a strong understanding of the basics can help you reach life’s most important goals like...

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Teaching kids about money

With many states not requiring personal finance classes in high school, it’s important to help your young ones build a sturdy financial foundation early on. Don’t know where to start when it comes to teaching about money? We have put together a blueprint...

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