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Employee Spotlight: Shelby Slater, SBA Credit Analyst

By Shelby Slater, SBA Credit Analyst Hello, hello everyone! Greetings from Kansas City. My name is Shelby. Finding Core Bank: My journey to Core Bank has certainly been an interesting one. This journey began at The University of Kansas. Along my academic path, I was inspired by three noteworthy people; all leading me to where […]

Employee Spotlight: Brandon Stevenson, Sr. SBA Loan Servicer

By Brandon Stevenson, Sr. SBA Loan Servicer, Core Bank I grew up in the Kansas City area in Overland Park for most of my life. I was always an energetic person with big ideas, and goals. I hadn’t developed the ability to plan very well, so I often found myself in funny situations without any […]

Employee Spotlight: Jody Moorman, SBA Loan Assistant, Core Bank

By Jody Moorman, SBA Loan Assistant, Core Bank Did you know that April Fools’ Day (April 1st) used to be a national holiday? No joke, if you looked in the back of planners or calendars where all the holidays are listed, you used to see it. I haven’t seen it for years. It’s definitely not […]

Employee Spotlight: Alissa Moore

By Alissa Moore, Sr. SBA Loan Administrator Greetings from the Badger State. The Frozen Tundra. America’s Dairyland. Home to the Miller Brewing Company. The Swiss Cheese capital of the world. Land of Bratwurst. Home of Harley Davidson Motorcycles. And yes, I’m a Cheesehead. As Core Bank’s most remote employee, I felt the need to provide […]