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Employee Spotlight: Alissa Moore

By Alissa Moore, Sr. SBA Loan Administrator Greetings from the Badger State. The Frozen Tundra. America’s Dairyland. Home to the Miller Brewing Company. The Swiss Cheese capital of the world. Land of Bratwurst. Home of Harley Davidson Motorcycles. And yes, I’m a Cheesehead. As Core Bank’s most remote employee, I felt the need to provide […]

Employee Spotlight: Phillip Oler

By Phillip Oler, Mortgage Loan Originator, Core Bank It isn’t every loan consultant who can seamlessly shift gears to help lead through the chaos, while developing new marketing strategies, increase volume during the off-season, and balancing client needs to ensure complete satisfaction across the board.  But this is the primary aspect of my job and what […]

Employee Spotlight: Nickie Dennis

Nickie Dennis

By Nickie Dennis, Sr. SBA Loan Servicer, Core Bank It was over 20 years ago when I started a job in banking. I started off as a back-office corrections clerk/ proof operator. There was nothing too exciting about the position other than I could wear headphones while I pecked on the keys of my proof […]

Employee Spotlight: Chris Dickens, SBA Operations Manager

Core Bank: Chris Dickens

Who is Chris Dickens? Well, first off, I don’t believe my ancestry ties back to the English Writer, Charles Dickens. But Charles is my Father’s name, so I do have that going for me. I was born and raised in the inner-city of Detroit, MI. I grew up thinking that I would somehow have a […]