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Employee Spotlight: Tabitha Haskett, SBA Loan Administrator

Core Bank: Tabitha Haskett

Who is Tabitha Haskett? That’s a good question? First, I am a mother of four, yes I said four, AMAZING children ages, 20, 19, 15 and 6, I might be a bit overzealous on the “amazing” part but humor me, at least until you finish reading this. For many years, my children were literally the […]

An Inside Look From a Summer Intern

Zane Kvasnicka

By Zane Kvasnicka, Intern at Core Bank When people (especially my generation) think of the banking industry, they might think of Scrooge McDuck taking a swan dive into his swimming pool of money. They might also envision bankers who are constantly, non-sarcastically quoting Gordan Gekko, with one head banker guy reminding you that “greed is […]

Employee Spotlight: Kevin Strahm, Mortgage Loan Officer

Kevin Strahm Headshot

By Kevin Strahm, Mortgage Loan Officer, Core Bank The mortgage banking world has been a part of me since 2001. I was working as a golf professional, and a member pulled me aside after hearing I was looking to make a career change, and said I needed to work for him. Being a young, naive […]

Employee Spotlight: Sam Croux

Core Bank: Sam Croux Profile Photo

By Sam Croux, Universal Banker, Core Bank If you would have asked me ten years ago what I planned for myself career-wise, it wouldn’t have been anything in the banking world. I was about to graduate college with a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts and I had a grand idea of working for an award […]