The Idea, Reality Check and Success of 9Round Fitness

Nov 14, 2018 | Business, Kansas City

By Michele Walters, Vice President SBA Commercial Relationship Manager, Core Bank
We’ve been celebrating veterans recently and I wanted to feature a veteran that I highly respect… his name is Adam Turk.

The Idea

Last summer, (2017) I received a call from Adam and he had a very lofty goal… he wanted to open a new business that was a fitness facility called 9Round Fitness. 9Round Fitness is a franchise gym that features 9 workout stations. The person working out moves through each station. Each station provides a new routine that lasts 3 minutes.  Every 3 minutes, a bell ‘dings’ and the athlete moves to the next station to take on the next workout.
Including a warm up and warm down, each athlete completes a full fitness routine within 30 minutes. This is ideal given the fast paced lives that many of us lead! And when the athlete comes in the next day for his or her workout, there’s a new 30 minute routine that’s targeting a new muscle group. This is to ensure that every athlete receives the benefits of having a full body work out.

Reality Check

I explained to Adam that opening a new business, let alone a new gym, isn’t for the faint of heart. Many banks consider gyms a high risk venture. Regardless, Adam remained diligent and committed to completing the task at hand. He was prepared and remained steadfast and maneuvered through the hoops and hurdles that typically come along with obtaining financing. As a proud husband and father of three, he was dedicated to making sure his family was well taken care of. After experiencing delays with construction, he finally opened the new gym in early 2018.


Shortly after the new gym opened I paid a visit to Adam and had an opportunity to watch him train a new client. I have to admit… I was very impressed! He was attentive, consultative and most importantly encouraging! I could tell he knew his clients well, including their strengths and weaknesses. He worked through routines side-by-side with them to ensure that they achieved their common goal: the very best results.
As I drove back to the office I reflected on what I’d just witnessed.  Respect, Diligence, Commitment, Preparedness, Steadfastness, and Dedication.  These are the same qualities that I’ve seen in other veterans that are friends, family members, and clients.
I know Veteran’s Day has passed, but this is something we should be celebrating all year long. Please take a few moments to thank a veteran. He or she won’t be hard to find. They’re typically the folks out in front, serving others, making sure that the task at hand results in success for the common good. Thank you Adam and your brothers and sisters in arms for your past and continued service. Please know that your willingness to serve is so very much appreciated!