Because You Served, We Serve You

Jul 4, 2018 | Kansas City, Personal

By Alicia Walker, SBA Relationship Manager, Core Bank
One of my most memorable “character-building” experiences happened when I was in the Army some 25+ years ago. I remember is like it was yesterday. Well, not quite, my memory ain’t what it used to be. But, here’s what happened…
Alicia Walker - Army
Joining the Army
Right after high school, I joined the Army. I had just arrived at Army BCT (Basic Combat Training) at Fort Dix, New Jersey. As new recruits, we were hardly off that hot, stinky transport bus good when we heard the thunderous, deep voice of what looked like an eight foot tall, non-smiling drill sergeant yelling, “On the ground, on the ground now! Give me twenty.” So, we dropped our bags and belongings and started doing pushups.
Now, this request didn’t catch me off guard or even shock me. I had mentally prepared for this, already believing a drill sergeant’s sole purpose in life was to try to “break” me. Ha! Wasn’t gonna happen. Like I said, I was fresh out of high school and in great shape from being a track sprinter, basketball shooting guard, swim team leader, and varsity cheerleader. So, I was ready!
Doing More Than Required
One, two…ten…twenty…pushups completed. Now, while some of the other girls had already collapsed several counts back and some were just stopping, I kept going. And, as I kept going, a crowd of other drill sergeants started to form around me. Twenty-five… thirty-three… forty-one… pushups completed. When my slim arms (yeah, that was many years ago) finally did give out after doing more than twice the number of pushups ordered, I too collapsed face-down on the ground, arms weak as limp noodles.
But, I was proud and self-fulfilled (but hurting) because I’d done more than was asked of me. My drill sergeant, whose humongous, shinning, black boots were all I could see from my position, came over to me, and kneeled down next to me. He was breathing on the back of my neck when he whispered, “why’d you do more?”
My response… “Because, I could.”
That day, my first day at BCT, I gained the admiration of those drill sergeants. Now, the drill sergeants did also discipline me and the whole unit because I was the only one that didn’t follow directions (those other girls hated me!) But, I’m not talking about that. I want to focus on doing more when you can.
Because You Served, We Serve You
I said all of that to say that sometimes when you can do more, you should. And, that’s why we at Core Bank are honored to do more by offering our Because you served, we serve you promotion for veteran entrepreneurs and veteran business owners. This program discounts fees on qualified loans even more than what our existing loan programs offer. We feel that you did more by answering the call of duty, and we will do more when you decide to start, buy or expand your veteran owned businesses.
So, please contact us and allow us the privilege of serving you regarding your loan and banking needs. And, with all sincerity, one veteran to another, thank you for your service and sacrifice.