Got Junk?

By Jason Moxness, Market President, Core Bank Loan Production Office It was only 7:30am and I was already having one of those days. Woke up too early thinking about too many things that were beyond my control, especially at 4am. I was mentally going down the list of things I needed to accomplish that day […]

If I could put Emojis in Credit Memos… A Millennial’s Take on Banking

By David Chew, SBA Credit Analyst for the Core Bank Loan Production Office talking about millennials in banking. Let me start this blog off right… With a #selfie. Millennials are defined as the generation born between 1981 and 2000. When I was given the opportunity to write this blog, I did what any millennial would […]

Collaboration, Not Competition.

Core Bank - Minority Banking Event

By Alicia Walker, SBA Relationship Manager, Core Bank Loan Production Office talking about a minority banking event focusing on collaboration, not competition. The morning of September 27th, I couldn’t wait to wear my best dress/suit jacket combination and put on my new shoes. I had somewhere important to be! It was the first day of […]

Halloween in Reverse.

Core Bank: Halloween in Reverse

By Gita Smith, Senior Administration Officer, Core Bank Loan Production Office talking about giving back to the community in reverse Halloween fashion. Thursday, October 26th was a day for Core Bank’s Kansas City market staff to give something back to our community. We decided to do a little “Reverse Halloween” action. Dressed as KC Sports […]