Community Banking: The Treat That Keeps on Giving

Oct 28, 2022 | Core Bank, Personal


Nobody likes tricks when it comes to banking, which is why Core Bank focuses on the “treats” that distinguish us as trusted lenders and keep our customers happy through remarkable experiences.

We help customers bank with today’s conveniences everyone has come to expect—one customer, one loan at a time, You at the Core. It’s been our philosophy since our founding, and it continues to help us serve the unique needs of our customers today.

It is not just our digital availability and convenient proximity that wins repeat business. Unlike credit unions, Core Bank effectively serves both individuals of modest means and small business borrowers without taxpayer-funded subsidies.

Core Bank helps fortify our community through philanthropic outreach and civic service. We’re local and community-focused, and we demonstrate it through action.  We support and encourage employees to donate their time and talents by giving them 16 paid hours each year to donate their time locally in the community.  From coaching kids to helping them achieve their goals, to jumping into icy waters raising money for Special Olympics, serving meals at the Open Door Mission, the Core Bank team gives back, and has fun doing it!

Monetary donations, among physical donations, also make an impact in the community.  From donating to a favorite local non-profit, buying groceries for a family in need, or pooling stipends with co-workers to support a cause or person on a larger scale, our Core Bank employees are given a $100 stipend each year to use for charitable giving.

The treats don’t end there. Nearly one in three U.S. counties are only served by a community bank, and community banks have a track record of helping underserved Americans by providing greater flexibility to low-income and minority borrowers.  It’s the community banking way.

In fact, community banks fund more than 60% of the nation’s small businesses, which account for 62% of net new U.S. jobs annually.

We won’t disguise tricks as treats or leave customers holding the bag during times of need. Our fates are linked, so when good things happen for you, Core Bank and our community win as well. We do everything by design (including our culture). We keep things smart, simple, and intentional. We are fostering an environment that’s a great place to bank and a great place to work. We’re always growing together, learning together, and having fun doing it. We do what’s right for the customer because that’s what really matters. That’s the community banking difference, and it’s pretty sweet.