Core Bank Launches ZSuite Tech to Improve Experience for Managing Escrow

Mar 28, 2024 | Business, Core Bank


Core Bank is committed to embracing innovative fintech solutions to streamline operations and enhance customer experiences with its new launch with ZSuite Tech. ZSuite Tech includes ZEscrow, a digital commercial escrow and subaccounting platform. This platform offers a range of benefits with Core Bank empowering businesses such as property managers, law firms, municipalities, title companies, and other industries that heavily utilize escrow and subaccounts, with greater control and transparency in their financial dealings.

With its user-friendly interface, ZEscrow eliminates the headache of escrow and subaccounting in one elegant, digital system. It simplifies the management of commercial deposits, saving valuable time and effort for both the bank and its customers. This self-service business banking tool goes beyond the core with the following benefits:

  • Streamlined escrow management with simple setup, disbursement, and fund management for a seamless experience.
  • Tailored subaccounting for precise tracking of funds and interest accruals, ensuring transparency throughout the exchange process.
  • Quick and secure wire transfers between subaccounts and parties.
  • Effortless account management with online account opening and closure, eliminating branch visits.
  • Secure document storage and easy retrieval of important files, improving compliance and accessibility.
  • Automated account numbering, reducing errors and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

“I liked that it gave me detail and control that other platforms don’t allow. I also liked that it had a modern interface,” said John Diamantis, Trust Lawyer.

Core Bank can work with law firms with custodial trust accounts and IOLTAs easily. This service makes Property management with security deposits in a complex regulatory environment a piece of cake. And interest splitting is seriously simple!

Listen to Kyle Soares of the Core Bank Treasury Services as he shares about how we take care of business customer deposits and makes sure that their money is working for them and more about ZSuite on the latest podcast.

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ZSuite Tech’s’​ mission is to provide financial institutions with innovative technology that solves real problems for specific industry verticals to grow their businesses. Recently, the ZSuite Implementation, Tech & Operations Teams have been recognized as a finalist for the prestigious Banking Tech Awards in the “Tech Team of the Year – Software & Services Provider” category.