Core Code Ambassador Spotlight

Jul 28, 2022 | Core Bank, Employee Spotlight

Core Code AmbassadorCore Bank employees can be nominated by their peers as a Core Code Ambassador recognized with a Core Code Award when they demonstrate our Recipe for Awesome while making a positive impact on the Core Bank culture. Employees recognized as Core Code Ambassadors receive a special gift and certificate, along with a shout-out from CEO John Sorrell. We are proud to have these employees on the Core Bank team as Core Code Ambassadors!

Cheryl Bettin, Trust Operations Coordinator, recognized in July 2022

Cheryl has been at Core Bank for two years and her nomination shared: “Cheryl is an invaluable member of the team.  She is always friendly, helpful and knowledgeable and is relied upon for her unique expertise.  She is a rock star in improving processes, opening new client accounts and adding fun to the department!”

Jessica Hansen, Senior Credit Analyst, recognized in March 2022

“Jessica is phenomenal to work with, “Jessica’s nomination shared, “She takes pride in her work and strives to understand our clients.  She’s open to change, is creative and an out-of-the-box thinker.  She comes up with great ideas to improve processes and holds herself accountable to get things done right, and in the right way.”  Jessica has been at Core Bank for three years and she is a vital piece of the Core Bank team, and we are lucky to have her.

Derek Liedle, Commercial Lender, recognized in December 2021

Derek has been with Core Bank for three years and his nomination said that he is positive, a customer advocate, and a true collaborator. “Derek is a great partner to work with!  Derek is always willing to jump in and work with other business lines on their customer needs.  Derek is unconcerned about who gets credit but rather wants to do what is best for the bank and the customer.  Derek exemplifies so many of our values and delivers his expertise in a way that is helpful and respectful.  Derek never dismisses a referral and approaches everything with an open mind and enthusiasm.  I have never seen Derek “not be nice” and he has a passion for the customer experience that allows him to deliver in a manner that represents Core Bank in a way we can all be proud of.  Our reputation and culture are better because Derek is on the team!”

Michelle Greenwood, HR Generalist, recognized in October 2021

Michelle’s nomination shared, “Michelle’s passion for our culture is evident in all she does! She makes an excellent first impression with new employees, making them feel welcome and helping them build a connection to Core Bank even before they step foot in the door.  A humble and willing team member, she takes time to answer questions and is happy to pitch in wherever she is needed.  Michelle is proactive in reaching out to employees, taking time to talk with them one-on-one, listening to their concerns and showing empathy.”  Michelle has worked at Core bank for four years and is truly an asset to Core Bank.

Cheryl, Jessica, Derek and Michelle – thank you for all you do to help make Core Bank a great place to bank, and a great place to work! To work alongside these employees and join the Awesome Core Bank team, visit career opportunities today.