Did you hear the news?

Feb 20, 2020 | Business, Community, Podcast

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By Melissa Glenn, SBA Relationship Manager

Did you hear the news? Core Bank launched a podcast! Why? To benefit YOU.

As the saying goes, ‘when opportunity knocks, open the door!’ This is true, but here at Core Bank, we also believe in creating opportunity – for ourselves as well as those around us. Most recently, we created opportunity by launching our own podcast: The Core Experience.

Podcasts have grown tremendously in popularity, and for good reason. Companies and individuals alike have the ability to create relevant content and provide exceptional value on the schedule of their listener and target audience. How could we look the other way with that valuable medium right in front of us?! Exactly. We couldn’t. Fast forward through a few months of planning to our first podcast and our first guest, Core Bank’s President & CEO John Sorrell, who said it best:

“We stick to what we do best: We are a small business and we help the small business. We can relate very well to the challenges of a small business. All those things that a small business has challenges with, we do too. We’re just in a different industry. Banking doesn’t have to be boring!”

What will we do with the podcast, you ask? We’ll talk with the people who make it all happen and delve into the topics that matter most. Our podcast was designed for the community, by the community. The official description of the podcast says it all:

“The Core Experience is your connection to community, business and the people who make it all happen. Core Bank talks with local business leaders and members of the community about topics that matter most. We take listener questions, offer advice, and explore events and networking opportunities.”

When designing The Core Experience, it was important to keep our focus on small business and the events, people, places and policy which impact our service areas of Omaha, Kansas City and Nashville. Wherever Core Bank expands next, we’ll include that footprint in our strategy, as well. Why is this important to us? Because in this world of seemingly never-ending connectedness, local still matters. A lot.

Your podcast hosts, Core Bank employees Melissa Glenn (yours truly!) and Mark Rodgers, are avid podcast fans, but more importantly we’re avid proponents of good old fashioned customer service and community activism. I serve as Omaha’s SBA Lender, and I’m a small business fan with a deep understanding of the Omaha market. Mark is a Treasury Services guru and has a deep understanding of the Sarpy County market. We are both active in the community and understand the issues facing business owners. While we will be covering serious topics, listeners should be prepared for more than a few laughs in the process. Our goal is to carry our drive for excellence over to the content of the podcast and create valuable, relevant and sharable information which is actually fun to listen to. Buckle up!

New episodes of The Core Experience will be released on the 15th and 30th of each month, and you can subscribe wherever you get your podcasts: Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google, Spotify, Tune In or right on our website: www.corebank.com/podcast. Our goal is to create an entire library of content you can access anywhere at any time.

We want to hear from you, too! If you have any comments, feedback or suggestions for guests or topics, please email us at: coreexperience@corebank.com. Happy listening!