Do you know what to put in your safe deposit box?

Jul 7, 2012 | Personal

The safe deposit box isn’t just for Nana’s precious jewels or your rare coins.
A banking staple, we offer safe deposit boxes in our Highway 50, Bel Air, Pacific, Q Street, West Center and Ashland locations.
We all know we’re supposed to store vital documents, but how many of us actually do that?  Stuffing your critical papers in a collection of folders, the filing cabinet or, worse, carry around daily in your wallet (i.e. Social Security cards) will not suffice.

Consider this: You should think about getting a safe deposit box for all items that have value only in their original (read: NOT electronic versions) form, including: deeds, automobile titles, trust documents, stock certificates and collectables.
Although many people like to protect valuables by keeping them in waterproof and fire resistant safes in their home, these places probably are not completely resistant to fire, water or theft.
Below is a handy guide,  listing suggestions on what can be stored in a safety deposit box by category. Though, anything you give personal value to can be stored in a safe deposit box. Another great feature of the safe deposit box is the fact that only you know what is inside.  Keep in mind that safe deposit is not ideal for anything you might need in emergency as access is restricted by the location hours.
Consider keeping an inventory of the safe deposit box at home as a point of reference.
Personal | Identity documents
Birth certificate
Citizenship papers
Military papers
School transcripts | certificates | diplomas
Marriage license
Divorce and separation decrees
Death certificates
Social security card
Passport or visa
Copy of medical directives
Business documents
Patents | copyrights
Employment records
Property papers
Automobile titles
Property titles
Property deed
Mortgage documents
Insurance policies
Photos of your home and its content (for insurance purposes)
Financial documents
Estate plan documents
Funeral and burial wishes
Living will
Powers of attorney
Bank loan agreements and other financial obligations
Stocks, bonds, and other securities
Investment certificates
Certificates of deposit
Family goods | mementos
Rare coins
Cherished family photos, slides, videos
Genealogies, personal and family histories
Any treasured items that can’t be replaced
Important information and records stored on a digital storage device
Now that you’ve identified what you need (and want) to store, all you need is the product that will do the storing! Contact us. We’ll help you select the safe deposit box solution that’s best for you.
Disclaimer: FDIC Insurance does not apply to contents of safe deposit boxes. Nor do we insure box contents in any way. The contents of the box are confidential and known only to you and you are responsible for obtaining any insurance you feel is necessary on your box contents.