Employee Spotlight: Alissa Moore

Mar 6, 2019 | Employee Spotlight

Alissa Moore

By Alissa Moore, Sr. SBA Loan Administrator

Greetings from the Badger State. The Frozen Tundra. America’s Dairyland. Home to the Miller Brewing Company. The Swiss Cheese capital of the world. Land of Bratwurst. Home of Harley Davidson Motorcycles. And yes, I’m a Cheesehead.

As Core Bank’s most remote employee, I felt the need to provide a little background on my great state of Wisconsin. I should also mention that I have a Minnesotan accent. Not sure why or how I got it, but it’s there and people love to make fun of the way I say “bag” and “milk” and probably many other words as well!

I’ve lived in Wisconsin almost my entire life, except for the six wonderfully warm years spent in Maryland when I was a kid.

Wisconsin has been good to me.

I graduated from college here, started my banking career here and am now raising a six-year-old son here. When I’m not working, I enjoy being outside (when there’s no snow or mosquitoes), traveling, running and crafting. I also enjoy reading with my son and watching him explore the world around him.

So, how does one end up working from Wisconsin for a Nebraska based bank?

My banking career began at a small, family owned community bank where I was a teller. I quickly began to advance to teller supervisor and then teller trainer. I was picked off the teller line by the President to cover for his personal assistant that was about to go on maternity leave. I was taught the ins and outs of commercial lending by being thrown directly into the fire and, although challenging, found that this was the best way to learn!

After a few years of processing commercial loans, I had the opportunity to move into a niche position of processing SBA loans.

I spent the next few years fully immersed in all aspects of SBA lending: origination, underwriting, closing, servicing and liquidation. I found my sweet spot to be in the closing department and was lucky to find a position with another financial institution where I was able to focus solely on closing SBA loans. I was awarded the top closer award in my first year! But I was exhausted and couldn’t keep up that pace, which led me to another local Wisconsin bank that had an SBA branch based out of Kansas.

After 18 months of closing loans at this current bank, I decided to make the move to Core Bank, which felt like a better fit for me. I had worked with some of the people in the SBA department previously and knew I could help to establish processes and procedures for the SBA closing department that would provide a positive experience for our Borrowers.

I am excited to see where this opportunity will take me and am happy to be part of the Core Bank team, even if it’s from Wisconsin! Dontcha know, that if you ever find yourself up nort der hey, in Wisconsin, I’d be happy to show you around, you betcha!