Employee Spotlight: Tabitha Haskett, SBA Loan Administrator

Aug 29, 2018 | Employee Spotlight, Kansas City

Who is Tabitha Haskett? That’s a good question?
First, I am a mother of four, yes I said four, AMAZING children ages, 20, 19, 15 and 6, I might be a bit overzealous on the “amazing” part but humor me, at least until you finish reading this. For many years, my children were literally the center of my world as is typically the case when you are a stay at home mother. When I came back into the work force, I had no idea that one day I would end up where I am. I owe that to one small Olathe community bank who took a chance on me and offered me a teller position. My teller position soon turned into Customer Service Rep then to SBA Loan Processor and finally Loan Operations. It was an amazing and exciting time in my life to be able to be recognized for my strengths and passions and be rewarded accordingly. But alas, SBA had captured my heart and I longed to go back.

Enter Core Bank

I heard about an opportunity to work with the best SBA program in the Kansas City Metro area. It was a chance to be part of a great team and help their SBA program reach its full potential. After some discussion, I was offered the position. Let’s just say I didn’t have to sleep on that offer. There is so much potential in the Core Bank SBA program! Why? Because there are some very knowledgeable and amazing people working here. They put their heart and soul into making sure they are doing the best that they can for Core Bank and especially for Core Bank customers. And now I’m part of the process!
Outside of work I spend a lot of time with my family, including kids swimming lessons, track/cross country meets, and soccer games. You might spot me and my husband at the movie theater taking in a great sci-fi or action flick. Or maybe you’ll see us at a local venue taking in a show from a local rock band. I’m that geeky person that falls asleep every night to one of three Star Trek series, Deep Space Nine, Enterprise or Voyager.

It Takes All Kinds

It takes all kinds of people to make a company run smoothly. The fun/outgoing employee, the know-it-all (and believe me, this isn’t always a bad thing), the goof balls who always seem to be able to make everyone smile, the purely business types that just get it done, the shy ones, and the ever exciting drama queens. I, however definitely fall into the techy/geeky category. Which category do you fall into that helps make your company great?