Get Caught Up on The Core Experience Podcast

May 5, 2020 | Business, Community, Podcast

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New episodes of The Core Experience will be released on the 1st and 15th of each month, and you can subscribe wherever you get your podcasts: Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google, Spotify, Tune In or right on our website: Our goal is to create an entire library of content you can access anywhere at any time. Below is rundown of our content so far. We’re excited for much more to come!

On January 7, we kicked off our podcast by talking with Core Bank’s president and CEO John Sorrell about The Core Experience. Conversations about business, life and community were discussed, and the first Core Experience podcast was launched.

On January 30, Melissa and I talked with Katie Ryan Kellar, the Director of Giving and Development at Special Olympics Nebraska and Rachel Mulligan, a superstar of the Special Olympics Nebraska, about the Special Olympics Polar Plunge fundraiser that later occurred at the beginning of February. We also talked about Parkville Media.

On February 15, we talked with Eric Stueckrath, the President and CEO of Outlook Collaborative (parent company of Outlook Nebraska) about change and growth in business and the continual focus on the greater good.

Our March 1, our podcast featured Marjorie Maas of Share Omaha and Tami Matousek, Core Bank’s own Brand Creative Director, to discuss the importance of marketing in the business world, from small business marketing, to branding, to non-profits.

On March 15, we talked with Karen Gibler. President of the Sarpy County Chamber, about Sarpy County, business and how the Sarpy ecosystem comes together to form a vibrant community.

Our April 1 podcast featured attorney Alex Rainville and Core Bank’s Lending EVP Steve Knapp. Together we discussed the importance and value of bankers and lawyers for small business owners.

For our April 15 podcast, we invited industry leader Jeff Beals to join us to discuss his tried and true tactics for sales. He also gave some great ideas on what to do if you find yourself stuck.

Our latest podcast on May 1 featured Jim Reiff and Leo Martinez of the Nebraska Enterprise Fund. We discussed micro businesses, the value they bring to the community and the resources available to help them thrive.

Want to learn about a topic from someone that knows more than I do, but don’t see it here and haven’t heard it yet? Ask! We’re happy to take suggestions for guests and topics at