If You Think It’s Confusing to Get a Loan, Try Getting a Child Ready for College!

Jun 6, 2018 | Kansas City, Personal

By Jen Williams, Loan Assistant, Core Bank
Jen Williams
Being in the lending industry for the last twenty plus years has taught me so much. There are times when I’m talking the Banking language and clients think I’m speaking a foreign language. I frequently get the “deer caught in a headlight” look from clients, or someone will say, “What in the world are you talking about?”
I forget that the average person has absolutely no idea what the Banking lingo means, nor do they really care. It’s no surprise that when someone walks into our bank interested in getting a loan, they can feel overwhelmed and confused. And I enjoy helping them get through the process.
I was on that “other side” late last year when I started the most confusing, stressful and emotional time of my parenting life…

Getting my Child Ready for College

Jen's Daughter
I was nowhere near prepared for this. Sure, I’d heard horror stories but thought, “really, how bad could it be?” I thought that you simply apply, my daughter gets accepted, you meet with the university, and BOOM, and you are magically done!
Yeah, that didn’t happen… at all.


No one told me that first you had to pay to apply to each school, then once accepted, you had to send more money to hold your spot, and then you still had to do the FAFSA. Wait, the whatSA? Just go to a website and fill out the proper forms for the university of her dreams.  Sounds easy, right? These forms are not user friendly in the slightest.
I muddle through and fingers crossed I hit submit and received a message that it was successful… VICTORY WAS MINE. So, I’m done (or so I thought.) A couple of months later, we received a message that the FAFSA was complete, congratulations! Okay, so I breathe a sigh of relief but I wanted to know the next step. “I will call the school,” I thought, and get my answers.

That Familiar Look

At this point, I’m starting to understand the looks I get from customers and my family. As I’m talking to a representative for the University, who is saying “complete this form, complete that form, did you read this, etc.” my response is “Where was this?” She says it was here in the reading. “What reading?” She clearly is getting frustrated and walks me through the website. Realizing I’ve been defeated and still have three more forms along with mandatory counseling sessions online BEFORE I can actually claim victory, I go back to working the process.
Good news, I’ve completed all of the requirements and I’m ready for the next step. Going to the university and signing everything, I hope. I think?! Fingers crossed.

Back to Banking

Being in banking almost every day makes it hard to remember that the average person doesn’t speak our industry language. We spend so much time at work that it’s only natural that we speak our “secret” industry language. The same is true in information technology, construction and medical professions. Getting my daughter ready for college has shown me that I need to make sure I take the extra time to make sure our customers understand the process.
If you’re ready to take that step and apply for a loan, we’re here for you. If you’re feeling confused, don’t be afraid to ask for help. As for me, I’m ready to watch my baby start the next amazing chapter in her life! (Now I just need help with letting go.)