Want to do things differently? Go Left.

Apr 25, 2018 | Kansas City, Personal

By Tricia Luedke, Vice President, Private Banking, Core Bank
Doing something different isn’t easy but with strong leadership, ambition and the ability to learn from new opportunities why not try to Go Left?
As I was watching my eight-year-old play basketball for the first time this year, I started thinking about why doing something different is so difficult. Her coach was teaching them the fundamentals; dribbling, crossover dribbling, shooting, driving to the basket, etc. The coach was trying different people bringing the ball down the court and encouraging the girls to go left, when everyone usually goes right.
The next game, my daughter got her turn to play point guard and bring the ball down the court. She was not jogging, but just taking her time as her Dad and I were shouting encouragement and her Gramps was filming. We were shocked to see her cross over, go left, drive to the basket, shoot and SCORE! We were so excited. Her coach did a fist pump and pointed at her while clapping. She was just beaming at the coach as we cheered her and the team on to victory that day.
Later we asked her why she went Left. I loved her answer. “The coach encouraged us to do something different and go to the left side. No one was doing it, so I just tried it.”
When was the last time you tried something differently? Next time you are stuck in a situation and don’t know what to do, maybe try going Left!