Golden Oaks. If not you, who?

Oct 31, 2018 | Healthcare, Kansas City, SBA

By Alicia Walker, SBA Relationship Manager, Core Bank
I’ve been a small business owner for over eleven years and a business banker for twice as long. I continue to be fascinated by the “why I got started in business” stories of my clients. Sometimes, those stories are about being strongly motivated to find a new path in life after being downsized from a company they’ve worked at for more than 30 years. Sometimes, those stories are about being feeling empowered to start a woman-owned company after being a partner for years. And some stories are about being motivated to serve others after recognizing a need that’s not being met.

Golden Oaks

Justin Brooks, one of the owners of Golden Oaks, has one such story.
Even while Justin was serving as an Air Traffic Control Specialist in the Navy, he knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur. Within months of being out of the military, Justin started a real estate investing, developing and consulting company. Though his military service had ended, his desire to serve others in a meaningful and unselfish way did not. He just wasn’t sure at the time what his next venture would be… but, he knew there would be another one.
A few years ago, Justin received the answer to his “what next?” question. His mother suffered an injury from an automobile accident that left her hospitalized and needing care for over a year. Unfortunately, not long after his mother’s injury, Justin’s aunt was hospitalized which left her needing several weeks of assistance. After seeing the level of care required and provided to his loved ones, Justin knew this type of care was in demand. And this care should always be provided with compassion. Instead of asking, “who should provide the care?” Justin heard a familiar, entrepreneurial voice in his head say, “If not you, who?”
Core Bank: Justin Brooks and Golden Oaks Core Bank: Justin Brooks and Golden Oaks Core Bank: Justin Brooks and Golden Oaks

If not you, who?

Fast forward to spring 2018. After several months of planning and preparing, Justin, and his two partners Felicia Froe and Kalon Brackenridge, began construction on Golden Oaks. Golden Oaks is a limited-bed, residential care facility that Justin says will provide the same level of compassionate and complete care that he’d “want momma to receive.”
At Core Bank, we love to give shout outs to our clients and support their business ventures. And since Veteran’s Day is November 12th, we also wanted to celebrate our veteran business owners. Justin, Felicia, and Kalon… congratulations on the new project! It’s been exciting to watch the progress and we’re happy to be partnered with you on this project. And, Justin, one veteran to another, thank you for your service.