Hispanic Heritage Month: Staff Spotlights

Oct 13, 2023 | Core Bank, Employee Spotlight

From September 15 to October 15 is Hispanic Heritage Month. During this time, we are spotlighting our valuable staff to share their culture and stories.

Gloria Garcia is a Banking Center Manager at Q Street with her country of origin from Juarez, Mexico. She felt that Hispanic Heritage is centered around putting your family first while giving an opportunity to share and observe the beautiful ways in which customs and traditions vary across different countries and regions. She shared that she was raised to look up to her siblings and her older relatives for guidance, and to set an example for her younger cousins and nieces and nephews. Gloria’s culture is unique because her dad is Hispanic, and her mom is not. They both chose different customs, foods, and values to teach her family about our respective heritages.  Gloria shared that as she’s gotten older, she’s chosen to implement more cultural traditions into her life. Her partner’s family is from Mexico, too, and they celebrate Dia de los Muertos every year, even though it wasn’t something that she celebrated growing up. A special memory she has growing up is that every year, her dad would take her to South Omaha to attend the Cinco de Mayo festival.

Sophia Pico is in the Accounting Department at Core Bank. She moved to Omaha from Mexico during her senior year of high school. To her, Hispanic Heritage Month is a particular time to highlight our culture’s achievements and contributions. To bring awareness to our community, show their struggles, and to be grateful for how the USA is a land of opportunities. Although, in her experience, she shared that Hispanics radiate pride and honor every day of the year, this month allows her family to share with others the beauty of their culture through art, music, food, and history. Hispanic heritage, to Sophia, is about family, faith, pride, and love and has shaped every aspect of her life. Sophia shared that Hispanic Heritage Month starts on five countries’ Independence Day. (Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, and Costa Rica) Followed by Mexico’s Independence Day on the 16th of September.

Marie Madrid is a Banking Center Manager at the Core Bank BelAir location. This observance is important to her because of celebrating cultures and traditions from Latin American, Spain, and other Spanish-speaking regions. Her parents owned a farm, so she grew up with discipline and consistency, which has helped her be disciplined and work hard and life. Growing with two different cultures was fun for Marie as her dad was very proper in communication and mom was more laid back. They drank wine, ate bread, cheese, and took a siesta every day.

Carlos Argueta is with Core Bank’s RapidTrac Mortgage division. Carlos’ family is from El Salvador. He shared that it is important to celebrate heritage so that the culture is not lost once assimilated as American citizens. Professionally, being an American/ Salvadoran, he can speak with English speaking clients and Spanish speaking clients. Being Hispanic, he made it his mission to provide all his clients with the same exact level of customer service. He wants to make sure that Spanish speaking clients receive the same level of expertise that English speaking clients receive.

Carlos shared that being from El Salvado, they eat pupusas, empanadas, pan dulce, and queso fresco. They dance to cumbias and celebrate quinceañeras. Their Mother’s Day is on May 10th, and they celebrate Christmas on December 24th. El Salvador is also known as the land of volcanos. There are more than 100 volcanoes, 20 of which are active. Which is why there are volcanoes on the flag of El Salvador.