How to be a Smart Holiday Shopper

Dec 10, 2021 | Core Bank, Personal

The holiday season is officially upon us, which means it’s that time of year again to spend money on gifts! Whether you’re buying for a few people or many, these tips will help you be a smart holiday shopper.


Plan ahead

To be the most efficient shopper create and follow a list. Write down the most important people in your life and what you hope to gift them. With this list, you can stay focused and limit purchasing random items that aren’t needed. This is also a great way of creating a shopping budget. Once you know how many gifts you need, determine a reasonable spending amount for each gift and tally up for a total spending budget. Get on our Core Bank mobile app and use Personal Finance Management Tool to track your spending.


Shop alone

You might not like to shop alone, but it could curb influences to buy items you may not need. Shopping alone can also help you focus on the list you created, saving you time and getting you to that checkout line faster!


Look out for deals

Don’t pay full price! Whether it’s online or at a physical location, many stores offer discounts and other sales during the holiday season. If it’s on your list, snag that deal! However, remember that just because something is on sale doesn’t necessarily mean you should buy it. Make smart choices when making your holiday purchases this year and save your dollars when it comes to “deals” you don’t need. Keep in mind that spending money isn’t saving. Sometimes the thought of a discount may entice you to spend on items you don’t need, so stick to your list!


Get online

Shopping online is a convenient way to shop for and buy gifts. It’s also a wonderful way to save money because many stores will have online-only coupons or other deals that can save you from paying full price. Just watch out for that shipping fee! Stores may have the option of free in-store or curbside pickup so opt for these options when you can. Learn more about stores that offer these options.


Good luck and happy shopping!