How to Start and Manage a Checking Account in College

Nov 4, 2021 | Core Bank, Personal

Attending college can be a great experience. Students have the opportunity to get a great education, make new friends, explore new hobbies and ultimately create memories. College also comes with financial responsibility and many students may not know how to even start their financial journey.

Well, we’re here to help!

Here are a few tips on how college students can begin and manage their first checking account.


1. Research

First, do your research. You don’t want to be surprised by any fees on your first account. Some checking accounts charge a monthly fee while others do not. It’s important to research the account that will best fit your needs and do the most for you. As a college student, spending money on fees may not be the best decision. Other things to consider are minimum balances, new checks, and monthly maintenance charges.


2. Go online

It’s easier now than ever to start a bank account. There’s no longer a need to physically walk into a bank and open an account. You can do it all online! Pop open your laptop or mobile phone and get started. Core Bank is now offering the ability to do it all from home – or anywhere! Get started >> Account Opening (


3. Track your Balance

There’s no need to drive to your bank and ask for an updated balance. Most banks now have a mobile app where their account holders can check their balance, deposit checks and much more! Knowing your balance at all times can also help you avoid overdraft fees. Always remember how much you can spend and how much is in your bank account before making any kind of purchase. Learn more about all of Core Bank’s mobile banking features >> Online & Mobile Banking | Core Bank


4. Be Secure

The key to a safe account is a well-developed username and password. Never share confidential information with friends or family members and if you ever lose your debit card use your bank app to turn it off. Click here for more cybersecurity tips >> Cybersecurity & Fraud Protection | Core Bank