Jen Williams: Why I Came to Core Bank

Jan 24, 2018 | Business, Kansas City

Jen Williams
By Jen Williams, Loan Assistant, Core Bank Loan Production Office
The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is over and now is the start of a new year. It’s time for making resolutions and setting goals. For me, it’s the time for evaluating and correcting the things in my life that need changing.
This time last year, I was doing just that. I was transitioning from a large company that I had worked at for many years. The reason for the change was that I needed more opportunity to grow professionally. It was a difficult decision because I’m not the type of person who changes jobs frequently. So it was even harder for me to realize that the change I’d made still wasn’t the right answer.
I saw that Core Bank was expanding into Kansas City from Omaha, Nebraska. I reached out to see if there was a fit… and was surprised to find how different they are. I learned a bit about how they treat their customers and their associates, and I was intrigued. I met with the CEO a few months later was blown away.

To get excited about banking is not something people normally do, but I did!

I couldn’t believe the differences that Core Bank offered in comparison to other companies. They believe that no matter the size of the customer relationship, they should be treated like partners. They strive to make their business greater, smarter and more fun. All while being honest, humble and trustworthy. I could write a couple of pages about their Culture, Values and Vision. This is how excitingly unique they are and everyone deserves to know.
I’m one of the lucky people that gets to be a part of the Kansas City office at Core Bank. We’ve moved into a new location and our team is building new partnerships throughout the city. Using the word TEAM feels exceptional. It feels good to be part of a team I respect and enjoy.
So with this new year, in my time of evaluation, I know I’ve made the right decision in joining Core Bank. I’m looking forward to making a difference, and I am definitely on the right path to growing professionally.