Put your Money where your Heart Is.

Jan 3, 2018 | Community, Kansas City

By Jason Moxness, Market President, Core Bank Loan Production Office
Six months ago, I struck out on the journey of a lifetime. The opportunity to start something fresh in the crowded banking space in Kansas City. I was going to open a brand new market for Core Bank.
We’re acquiring 1 client at a time, inviting 1 fearless entrepreneurial banker at a time to join a team of difference makers on the quest to help 1 small business at a time achieve significance.
However, something interesting started to happen the moment we announced our arrival in the marketplace. We began to get “opportunities” to give, donate or sponsor just about every group and cause you could think of. We must have set off the “hey, there’s a new bank in town with a new marketing budget” alarm. My favorite pitch was the “rare opportunity” to sponsor a local stadium with our name on the building.
Did I mention we’re a start-up? Just because we’re a bank doesn’t mean we have an unlimited budget. When it comes to donating money, or sponsoring an event, I choose to follow the model…

Put your Money where your Heart is.

Don’t get me wrong. This world needs more generous, anonymous givers to just write checks. But there’s something to be said for giving to and participating in something you’re passionate about. Something that your heart is drawn to. Often, it’s the cause of one of our clients or friends that we choose to support. If a cause is important to anyone I care about, then it’s a cause that I want to be a part of as well.

Blue Valley Special Olympics

Core Bank: Blue Valley Special Olympics
One of those recent opportunities was sponsoring a fundraiser for the Blue Valley Special Olympics.
When long time friends and clients, Mike and Stacy Jones, asked Core Bank to join them in sponsorship of this event, we gladly accepted. Sponsorship was more than just writing a check. We actually got to participate in a fantastic event at Top Golf.
The event was put on by a generous group of volunteers helping a wonderful cause like the Special Olympics. The night was filled with the usual elements of a successful not-for-profit event. A silent auction with fun prizes, a buffet dinner with fantastic food and then golfing outside at the coolest driving range in the world.

What I enjoyed most about the night was the people.

Core Bank: Blue Valley Special Olympics
First of all, you’ll never meet a nicer group of people than those that put on fundraisers. It’s inspiring to witness passionate and energetic people coming together for a common cause. I was also able to enjoy the night with my peer advisory group;  an awesome group of guys that support each other’s lives, businesses and personal causes. Finally, interacting with some of the kids that directly benefited from the money raised that night for the Special Olympics was even more gratifying.
If you’re wondering where you can put your money next year… just look around. There’s an abundance of organizations like the Blue Valley Special Olympics that desperately need your support. My one piece of advice would be: Put your Money where your Heart is!