Rising Construction Services – Safer Construction… One Cone at a Time

May 22, 2019 | Customer Spotlight, Kansas City

By Alicia Walker, SBA Relationship Manager, Core Bank
Rising Construction | Core BankI started writing my “Super Women in Business” blog series a few years ago to showcase the bold and intelligent women who decided to leap tall obstacles and realize their dreams of entrepreneurship. They are stories of how and why women started in business. My goal was to share exciting, interesting and inspiring stories for any woman (or person, for that matter) thinking about starting a business.

I love telling “her” stories!

Her story about how working a job for 30 years only to be downsized unexpectedly resulted in an opportunity to focus on a long time passion and turn that passion into a profitable business.
Her story about how being able to buy out her partners allowed her to implement her vision and strategy that created record growth never accomplished in the company’s history!
Her story about how trusting her skills and experience to start her own business made it possible to not only build wealth for herself, but leave a legacy for her children.
Believe me, there are many, many more stories.

As we celebrate small businesses this month, I’m excited to share Kristen’s story.

Rising Construction Services, Inc.Kristen Rising started Rising Construction Services, Inc. in November 2018.
Rising Construction Services, Inc. is a woman-owned, union, traffic control company that sets up traffic signs, cones, and arrow boards and flaggers for general contractors primarily in the utility construction industry. If you’ve driven anywhere in the Kansas City metropolitan area around construction (which seems to be everywhere this time of year), you’ve probably seen her signs and boards safely directing drivers and pedestrians around those construction zones.

Kristen’s goals has always been to own and manage her own company.

Having worked in the construction industry for many years, Kristen said she found that there was a significant need for more choices within this industry, specifically, women-owned construction companies. By surrounding herself with a team of talented individuals, her company has been able to stand out in the industry.
Like other entrepreneurs, Kristen acknowledged that fear of failure can be the biggest obstacle to starting a business.  However, Kristen’s motivation and advice to others is to let fear be the “unprecedented amount of energy and drive that forces you to do your best to succeed.”
Rising Construction Services, Inc.Kristen’s other advice to soon-to-be Super Women in Business (we hope there will be many) is to be honest with yourself and make sure this is something you truly want to do.

“Someone starting their own company, in any industry, is a monumental task, but if they fully understand the market needs and what they want to achieve, they can do it. Women are the strongest, most courageous and compassionate individuals on this planet and there is nothing they cannot achieve if they put their mind to it.”

To that comment, I’ll say Amen!
Kristen’s story is an amazing account of being stronger than her fears and tapping into her super powers of courage, planning, and execution to make her dream of entrepreneurship a reality.
Congratulations, Kristen!  We’re extremely grateful and happy to partner with you in your journey and as a Super Woman in Business!