Smart Beginnings Learning Center in Kansas City

Sep 19, 2017 | Business, Kansas City

By Michele Walters, Vice President SBA Commercial Relationship Manager, Core Bank Loan Production Office

Core Bank is somewhat new to the area. We’ve recently launched a new loan production office this past spring. As I was ‘in training’ with my new company and team, I received a call from a gentleman named Sean.
Sean and I had chatted several months earlier. He described our previous conversation in full detail, explaining that we had discussed the purchase of a child care center. The center was operated by his wife and the time to acquire was finally here! We discussed potential funding structures and what would need to take place for the transaction and transition to happen.
As our conversation ended, I promised to follow up with more information to move the process forward.  Hmmm… move the process forward. How? I had only been ‘on the job’ for two days!
Our team worked hard to get the deal done in the time frame they needed. Every time we came back to ask for more information, Sean was on top of it! Documentation came in quickly (thanks Sean!) The credit officers liked the numbers (thank you Brandi!) And underwriting was swift (thank you Bridget!) #BOOM #APPROVAL
There was just one more hurdle. We didn’t have our SBA preferred lending status yet. (We do now.)
We had to submit the request to the SBA for final approval. This can sometimes add two to four weeks to the process! So we “dotted our ‘i’s and crossed our ‘t’s” (thank you Erin!) And submitted our request to the SBA. Within four days, we received our first approval. Four Days!
I called Sean to deliver the good news. Our deal was officially approved at the SBA and it was time to look at scheduling a closing date. With great clients like Sean and Brandi, final documentation went smoothly.
Core Bank - Smart Beginnings Logo
At the end of June, Sean and Brandi officially became the proud owners of Smart Beginnings Learning Center.  And at that same time, Smart Beginnings Learning Center became the first business client of the Core Bank Loan Production Office in Kansas City!
To Sean and Brandi, thank you so much for having the confidence in our team. You took a chance in picking the “new” kids on the block, even though our team has many years of experience doing SBA loans. We hope you know just how much we appreciate you and look forward to an ongoing partnership with you and your business. Here’s to many, many successful years to come!