The Small Bank Advantage: Service over Services

Feb 26, 2014 | Personal

Looking for a new banking relationship? Choose wisely. Financial institutions are not “one-size-fits-all.”
Ask yourself: What are you looking for in a bank?
Dig deeper. What services are important to you? Most all banks offer similar products and services. But that’s where the similarities stop.
What do you value? Convenient access to branches, no matter where you’re at in the city or out of state? A trusted relationship with your banker? Folks at your local branch who know you by name, not simply as an account number? Do you prefer high-tech or high-touch guidance?
A primary benefit of a big bank’s size is sheer coverage; if a branch isn’t nearby, in all likelihood an ATM is.
However, while you may get convenient access by opting for a big bank, you’ll likely give up personalized service. And, according to a 2012 study by consumer advocacy organization, U.S. Public Research Group, you may also be subjected to higher fees, and more of them.
Never fear, though. To make up for a smaller ATM network, smaller banks are often willing to reimburse you for fees associated with using ATMs unaffiliated with your member bank. Core Bank participates in the MoneyPass network, offering free access to nationwide ATM locations.
There is a type of access that the big banks lack, but the small ones have in spades – direct access to a representative, banker and even the organization’s decision-makers, who live in the community they share with you. Because there is a focus on service – not services that are shared across bank type – small banks strive to get to know you and make your banking experience pleasant.
Whereas the large institutions may have a presence in our local communities, smaller banks like Core Bank have a commitment to local communities – we live in your neighborhoods, share your schools, support area businesses and organizations. Importantly, this enables us to better understand you – local families, businesses and industries.
Conversely, there’s a reason we’re called a “community” bank. We are a small business ourselves – just like the business owner or restaurateur you know on a first name basis. We “get” the needs of small business owners, local organizations and the people behind them.
We would love to get to know you. Let us show you the Core Bank way; where you get a banker, not just a bank.