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No one likes having a high energy bill. So what can you do to keep your bills low and your home at a comfortable temperature? Here are six tips for lowering your energy bill year round. 

Turn off lights
This is one of the easiest and simplest ways you save energy. When you leave a room, simply turn off the light behind you. This might seem like a no brainer, but if we were just a little more aware of unnecessary lights on in our homes, we might just see the difference in our energy bills. Also, during the day, try to keep main lights off. Let the natural light of the day keep the room bright. There’s something refreshing about having natural light in your home.

Unplug devices
Getting in the habit of unplugging unused appliances and devices is an overall smart and effective tactic. Energy is still being transferred through a plug even if it’s not being used. Learn to unplug unnecessary devices and appliances when you’re not using them.

Use ceiling fans or space heaters
In the summer let the cool air in your home circulate regularly. You can lessen the use of your air conditioner and use fans to spread cool air throughout your home.

During the winter you may want to use a space heater to get extra warm. This is a good options for warmth assuming you buy a heater that is made to warm a room of the size you plan using it in. Turning down the thermostat while you use the heater can also lead to significant savings as long as you make sure to check your thermostat settings before using the heater.

Make use of window shades and blinds
During the summer when you leave the house or when not using a particular room, cover the windows with shades and blinds to reduce outside heat from coming into your home. This can be beneficial in keeping things cool and reducing the amount of money you’re spending on cooling the house.

During the winter months the opposite is true. Opening your shades and blinds lets in lots of natural light which will naturally warm your home without having to adjust the thermostat.

Check your furnace filters regularly
When using your furnace on an everyday basis, it can become dirty and less efficient in doing its job. By replacing the filter regularly, the air in your home will move more easily and will ultimately lower the cost of your energy bill.

All of these tips are easy and simple to implement. We all want to save money while keeping the home at a comfortable temperature. Make these a part of your daily life and you’ll see the difference in your bill.