Small Business Spotlight: Two Hawks, a Marketing and Brand Consultancy

May 29, 2024 | Business, Core Bank, Customer Spotlight, Omaha

Heidi Mausbach and Katie Kemerling first met in 2006, working together at a local ad agency. They quickly discovered that they made a dynamic team with complementary skills and strengths, capable of solving a broad range of branding and marketing challenges for a variety of clients.

The Covid pandemic gave Heidi and Katie a rare moment of pause, allowing them to reflect on their lives and work. They realized that they had an opportunity to leverage their skills innovatively, aligning their values with the evolving needs of their clients. The time was right to take the leap and start their own business.

In 2021, Heidi and Katie launched Two Hawks, a marketing and brand consultancy that provides online courses, team training, and fractional CMO services. The team has had the incredible opportunity to work with clients ranging from startups to those positioning themselves for IPOs. It’s with a lot of gratitude that Heidi and Katie embrace the chance to solve problems in new ways, drawing on our collective experiences, strengths, and life lessons to make a positive impact.

Heidi and Katie shared that there is a challenge of navigating the ever-present demands of motherhood while simultaneously co-owning and launching a new business, supporting their partner’s ambitions, and actively engaging in our community, all while striving to carve out essential personal time for well-being and self-development.

They’ve tackled this challenge by implementing various strategies:

  • Embracing time blocking to ensure that key aspects of their lives to receive the attention they deserve.
  • Leveraging their strengths in their work has been instrumental in maintaining balance and fulfillment.
  • Making a priority to schedule time away throughout the year to recharge and prevent burnout.
  • Communication has been key—they openly express our core values and goals, fostering understanding and alignment within our partnerships.
  • Recognizing that different seasons of life and business demand varying levels of energy and output, they’ve learned the importance of saying no to opportunities that don’t align with our vision or values.This approach has empowered Two Hawks to navigate the complexities of balancing multiple roles while honoring their well-being and ongoing development.

Another challenge is the undervaluation of soft skills traditionally associated with women in the workplace. Fortunately, they’ve witnessed a shift in recognizing the significance – and value – of these skills, and they’ve embraced this evolution with enthusiasm. 

Advice Heidi and Katie gives to other women looking to start their businesses include:

  1. Believe in yourself. Keeping a positive mindset is key. Trust in your abilities and keep pushing forward even when things get tough. You’re deserving of all the success you dream of!
  2. Get very clear on your WHY and make it your guiding light. Knowing your purpose will keep you motivated and help others connect with your story.
  3. Build a solid support system of mentors, cheerleaders, and friends. Surround yourself with people who lift you up, provide compassionate candor, and offer guidance. Hit us up @thetwohawks to expand your circle.
  4. A.B.L. (Always Be Learning –and- Always Be Laughing). Stay curious and find the funny side of things. Every experience teaches you something, and laughter makes the journey a lot more fun.
  5. Get it in writing. It’s essential to have clear agreements in writing to avoid misunderstandings and keep your business relationships strong. 

Heidi and Katie shared that Core Bank has been an incredible partner to them.

“They truly understand the importance of prioritizing the customer experience and have backed it up every step of the way. Beyond providing us with access to their stunning HQ for client meetings and event space to host marketing strategy workshops, our dedicated representative has consistently gone above and beyond to ensure we maximize the potential of our finances. A big shout out to the entire Core Bank team for all their help in answering questions and logistics coordination!” 

Two Hawks business has bold aspirations for future growth. Heidi and Katie want to build a sustainable practice that allows them to have the maximum impact on as many individuals and companies as possible. 2024 is the year Two Hawks launches the beta version of their online courses:

  1. Magnetic Life Design – (Category: Corporate & Personal Well-being, Personal Development, Team Development). This course teaches concepts, strategies, and exercises to help design a life that truly resonates with your authentic self. Participants will align goals, values, and core desired feelings to develop a personalized blueprint to amplify life’s potential.
  2. Marketing Strategy Accelerator – (Category: Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Performance). This course teaches a proven framework to simplify your marketing approach and achieve predictable results. Participants learn the foundational marketing tools, processes, and techniques to accelerate growth – and build a marketing strategy in 5 days or less!

This year and beyond, Two Hawks will continue to build their Fractional CMO client portfolio using our In-House Empowerment Model™. This model serves as a strategic bridge, filling resource gaps that often hinder businesses torn between managing in-house marketing operations and relying solely on external agencies.

Two Hawks welcomes opportunities to be on stage as keynote speakers, breakout session presenters, and workshop facilitators. They are working to develop a suite of new manager tools and content so look out for more to come in 2025!