Updated Online Banking Experience Launching

Feb 26, 2024 | Business, Core Bank, Personal


Core Bank will have an updated personal online banking interface going live on March 11th. This technology upgrade will work on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or cell phone with a standard browser. Your existing mobile app continues to be available and provides you with an optimal experience for banking on a mobile device giving you freedom to do your banking wherever and whenever.

The Account Overview page is the first page you’ll see after signing on to Core Bank. This page offers distinct formats designed to give you the best view of your accounts.

You will continue to access your online banking as you were before using your existing ID and password and authentication technology to continue to keep your online sessions safe and secure.  Additionally, IDs are no longer case sensitive, and you may be prompted to update your ID or password on your initial login attempt to the new site.  Also, if you login from a device or location that is not recognized then you may be required to confirm your identity through a one-time PIN code.

Watch for updated menu names to navigate to the features you commonly use such as Accounts and Move Money.

Check out some of the new features under the Self Service menu including additional account alerts to give you a peace of mind with your money and new service requests and secure messaging to offer an easy form of communication with us.

Account Alerts

Your contact information and alert quiet time can be viewed and changed through the Show Contact Information link at the top of the page.  Conversely, the information can be hidden by clicking the Hide Contact Information link.  A Yes/No slide button allows you to easily subscribe to or unsubscribe from certain alerts.

Secure Messaging

The Secure Messaging page is comprised of the following tabs: Compose, Incoming, Sent, Contact Information, Archived, and Service Requests.

Use Compose to reach out to us about questions or concerns. Use Incoming to view any of the messages we’ve sent to you. Use Sent to view any of the messages you’ve sent to us. The Archived tab includes any of the messages from us that you’ve chosen to keep.

Watch the videos below to learn more about these beneficial upgrades. We are pleased to be building better experiences for you! #YouAtTheCore