Why the Current Deceleration’s Good News for Buyers

Aug 24, 2022 | Core Bank, Omaha, Real Estate

For Sale House

After two years of scorching property markets, recent sales data tells us that the housing market has finally begun to decelerate. Here’s why a slowdown can be good news for would-be homebuyers.

Home inventory is rising. National Association of Realtors (NAR) data shows that the inventory of homes for sale began rising in April 2022, with more than 237,000 additional homes on the market by June. This number is expected to keep rising.

Sales are cooling. The annual rate of new home sales fell 17% between March and April, which was also the lowest reading since April 2020. Reports show that the numbers of homes with price reductions continue to rise while the share of homes getting multiple offers is decreasing. 

Even though the current market deceleration is expected to continue for some time, buyers who took a break from house-shopping may benefit from re-entering the market now. Housing prices, both median and sales prices, tend to slow down as we approach the end of summer. Real estate agents and mortgage lending professionals will be able to work more closely with buyers, trading the pressure of bidding wars for traditional customer service. And this may be all that’s required for would-be buyers to find the ideal home.

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