Your Guide to Starting a Career in Banking

Dec 9, 2020 | Core Bank, Personal

Are you looking for a career in banking? Whether you’re currently in another field or just starting your career, there are a myriad of different banking roles that may be a perfect fit for you! We’ll be giving a few tips to help you kick start your career in banking.

Before you start the process of seeking a position in banking it’s important to make sure this career path is for you. If you have a strong customer service background, can communicate effectively and enjoy problem solving, a career in banking may be waiting for you.

Consider internships

An internship may be required or recommended as a part of many business/finance degree programs. Internships are a great way to gain some relevant work experience and learn more about the field you plan on entering.  Internships are also great because they can help you gain insight on the responsibilities you can expect upon full employment. Lastly, internships can help you build your professional network which could help you find multiple attractive employment opportunities down the road.

Check your qualifications

Many people who occupy more experienced positions within a banking organization may have started out as teller or banker at the beginning of their career. Most teller or banker positions require a high school diploma or GED. Work experience within banking is preferred, but usually not required, because many teller and banker positions offer on the job training. If you don’t have any banking experience focus on other positions you’ve held that require similar skillsets.  Most hiring managers are looking for candidates that already know how to give excellent customer service and work with a team.

Apply for desired position

Now that you know a little bit about what to expect when entering the banking industry, it’s time to apply your knowledge. Many banks are looking for talented and hardworking employees to join their teams. Once you identify a few positions that catch your eye, you’re ready to apply for them. Knowing that you are qualified and have relevant work experience makes the job search process much easier. Make sure to highlight your qualifications, experience, and career aspirations during the hiring process.

The banking industry has more career paths than meets the eye. Whether you want to work in banking itself or supporting roles, there’s something for everyone. A career in banking offers rewarding experiences, collaborative work environments, and a diverse culture.

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