How to outfox the grocery store, and save

Our efforts to save $$$ on groceries — from racking up points on our loyalty cards to clipping coupons — may be futile, unless we know the tactics employed by retailers to get us to part with our hard-earned dollars.   When we’re aware of these tactics, we respond accordingly and employ our own “tricks” […]

To clip or not to clip? Coupon values slide, as consumer goods climb

You don’t have to take couponing to the extreme like the shoppers featured on several reality television shows may, in order to save money. In 2010, the average savings per coupon was valued at $1.44, so you can easily see how even a few coupons per week could add up. It’s estimated that the average […]

Centennial Bank + Omaha State Bank = Core Bank

In February, Centennial Bank and Omaha State Bank announced their intent to merge. Our two banks have much in common, including shared majority ownership. We have a convenient blend of geographic locations throughout the Omaha, Ashland, and Bellevue communities. We also have complementary products and services. But more importantly, we have great people, who share […]

For the love of pets: Rover Takes a Big Bite Out of Personal Budgets

We as a country spend more on our “fur babies” than we do on ourselves, dropping a monthly average of $83 per cat and $130 to $150 per dog on basic needs (licensing, food, crates, litter). These conservative ASPCA estimates are two to four times more than we as Americans spend on monthly gym memberships so we […]