Hitting it Big in Nashville!

Jul 31, 2019 | News, SBA

By, Jason Moxness, Market President, Core Bank.
Core Bank NashvilleI grew up in a musical family. My mom taught piano and everyone either played an instrument or sang or both. I did a little of everything as well, but found my spot playing drums and bass. I always had dreams of joining a band and playing gigs in local establishments mainly just for fun, but who knows – maybe one day hit it big and head to Nashville in hopes of being discovered.
Fast forward a few years (or decades!) and I’m finally getting my chance of taking my band on the road and heading to Nashville! My band is called Core. Instead of guitar players, drummers and singers, however, I have Underwriters, Closers and Producers.

Core Bank SBA is now in Nashville!

Core Bank Nashville
Putting an SBA Department together is a lot like forming a band. You have to find talented people who are not just talented as solo artists but who can bring their unique skills to a team, find a way to harmonize (work well together) and then start putting out some really great material (Small Business Loans).
So why Nashville? I found this great duo there! Jerry Woods and Val Green. Jerry is our new National Sales Manager and Val is running closings in our new Nashville office. Like all great bands – Jerry and Val have worked together in the past and are bringing that chemistry and Southern vibe to our band we call Core Bank.
We have worked hard to put together the very best and brightest in the SBA world and have formed our hub of Sales, Credit and Operations leadership. We are so excited for our growth into Nashville with this remarkable team.