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Making Resolutions Stick in Seven Steps

  New Year’s Resolutions are made to be broken. We resolve to save more. Spend less. Quit smoking. Get fit. Instead of sticking with those lofty goals, we stink at them. Half of us make resolutions. But a week after the ball drops in Times Square, a quarter of us have already dropped the ball! […]


The car dealership that intimidates you throughout the year is more like Santa than the Grinch during the holidays, gifting the ride on your wish list at a big discount courtesy of manufacturer’s rebates and hard-to-pass-up finance deals. But does this wisdom ring true? YES and NO. With the new year a few weeks away, […]

Outsmart Old Man Winter with Home Improvements

  Did you hear the dismal forecast? The vaunted Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a torturous mix of above-normal precipitation and below-normal temps this winter. Is your home ready for the frigid onslaught? It’s estimated 30 percent of your heat and, in turn, energy-related dollars go out the window and doors. And that stat says nothing […]

Have you saved enough for retirement?

A number of online savings calculators demonstrate how much your savings will be worth in the future. Just plug in your current savings, how many years you plan to save, and average annual gains and — thanks to compounding interest — you see how your savings grows with time. But these calculators don’t give you the full […]