Changing Seasons: Moving into a Smaller Home

Mar 3, 2023 | Core Bank, Personal, Real Estate

The worst of the winter is behind us for those who live in the Midwest. We’re eager for spring and transformation. Maybe you or someone you know is considering making a positive change in life with thoughts of retirement. If you are a homeowner, you may be approaching the stage in life to either downsize (when you sell your home and purchase a smaller residence) or move to a completely different location. Maybe living in a multigenerational home with loved ones is appealing so you can spend more time with your grandchildren and your adult children can assist.

Some seniors are afraid downsizing into smaller homes means moving into spaces that are less luxurious. However, most seniors have access to more amenities when they move. Many seniors first buy their houses with the intent to raise families. Seniors who move into smaller houses can focus entirely on their own needs instead of having spaces for children and living close to school districts. Sometimes a smaller home is more suited to changing needs and is less maintenance. There is less space to clean and accumulate belongings. As a person ages, a smaller home may be more accessible with fewer stairs. For these seniors, it is much easier to have everything on single floors.

Seniors not only get initial financial boosts from selling their homes but living in smaller houses significantly cut down on monthly costs. Living in a smaller house comes with a lower cost of living, which is very important for a senior with limited retirement funds. Being in a strong financial position is one of the most important parts of retirement, and downsizing can make a big difference. Even wealthier seniors benefit from moving into smaller homes since they have more money to pass down to their families and leave a legacy.

If you are a homeowner getting ready for retirement, part of that transition likely includes deciding where you will live. Work with a trusted advisor to understand your options and explore your downsizing opportunities. Core Bank can help you with your Wealth Management and Mortgage needs.