Find Your Pot O’ Gold and Claim Your Refund

Mar 9, 2023 | Business, Core Bank, Kansas City, Omaha

Payroll Tax Refund

​Your business could be owed thousands of dollars through the Employee Retention Credit (ERC). The ERC is not a loan, it is a refundable tax credit designed to help businesses who kept employees on payroll during the pandemic. Your business could even qualify even if it was enrolled in the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).

Together with Innovation Refunds, we’re helping business owners, like you, claim their payroll tax refund. You can find out if you qualify at no cost to you.

Why Innovation Refunds? They are Core Bank’s preferred ERC provider.

Who they are: A Fintech provider made up of dedicated tax attorneys and CPAs

What they offer: An average refund of over $400K for clients

Step 1

  • Answer a few questions about your business.

Step 2

  • Innovation Refunds assesses how much your company is owed, with no upfront costs.

Step 3

  • Innovation Refunds sends your refund paperwork to the government for approval.

Innovation Refunds customers shared their success.

“I can’t even begin to express how happy we are with IR. They under promised and overdelivered. I highly recommend using them for your ERC refund!” – Beth at Maaco, Inc.

“Once I did my part, they took everything else over & it went Smooth & Quick. I got my refund a lot faster & larger than I had expected. Well worth my upfront time.” – Scot at Guaranteed Labels & Silk-Screening, Inc.

“Innovation Refunds did everything they said they would. I have been very impressed with them, and I am going to recommend them.” – Blake from Bountiful Farms Nursery

Get started today! Core Bank Refund Application | Innovation Refunds

*Subject to Tax Evaluation by Innovation Refunds. Pre-qualification is not a guarantee of approval. Core Bank is not affiliated to Innovation Refunds and makes no representation or warranty as to the quality, accuracy, or reliability of Innovation Refunds website.