Get into Your Home More Quickly with Core Bank’s Rapid Close

Jul 19, 2023 | Core Bank, Omaha, Real Estate


Core Bank has a NEW Rapid Close 21 calendar day closing guarantee for conventional conforming loans. Core Bank will close your loan for an owner-occupied, single-family home purchase or refinance in 21 calendar days or mail you a check for $500 after your loan closing.

There are certain criteria to follow to be eligible for Rapid Close:

  • All borrowers must provide income and asset documentation within 3 days of receiving initial Loan Disclosures.
  • The customer must respond to document requests within 24 hours from MLO request.
  • The appraisal must be ordered within 3 days of receiving the purchase contract and receipt of the Initial Loan Disclosures.
  • This offer only applies to w2 wage earners using base pay.
  • Available for owner-occupied, single-family home purchase or refinance.
  • Conventional Conforming Loans.
  • Must have a 700 FICO score.

Ineligible scenarios:

  • Use of variable income, commissions, overtime, bonus, etc.
  • Second jobs
  • Self Employed Borrowers
  • Employment contracts
  • Recent short-term or long-term leave
  • Government and Jumbo loans
  • Gift Funds
  • New Construction
  • Credit items (Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Disputed tradelines)
  • Child Support
  • Rental Properties
  • Title exceptions
  • Low Appraisals

A guarantee is not a loan approval guarantee. This guarantee will be void in all areas declared natural disasters. Although you may not qualify for the 21-day guarantee, we encourage you to apply, and your application will go through our priority standard process to determine the product that best fits your needs. All loans are subject to credit approval.

To find exactly what you’re looking for in a home, be sure to take your time and be patient during the process – your home is an important investment, so take the time to make sure it’s right. Trust in your advocates and they will ensure that you have an exciting and fun experience buying your first home. Core Bank’s team of lenders are committed to helping you achieve your dreams, whether you’re ready to buy, build or refinance your home. Contact someone from our team and apply today!