Did I tell you we are a startup?

Feb 14, 2018 | Business, Kansas City

By Jason Moxness, Market President, Core Bank
“Did I tell you we are a start-up?” Ask my team and I think they will tell you that was my favorite saying in 2017. I said this every time we complained about packing four people into a temporary office. And when we only had our personal cell phones and needed to take calls from our cars to get appropriate reception, I liked to remind the team that we are a startup and this is what startups look like.

I also liked to remind them that some of the greatest companies today started out just like us.

Whether they were building computers in their garage, or brewing beer in their basement, good companies become great when they make the decision to grow against all odds through grit and determination. This is a banking story that very few have experienced and one that allows us to relate well with the types of clients we are striving to reach.
Entrepreneurial, Forward Thinking, Creative. We understand Small Business because we are one.
Core Bank: New Office Pictures Core Bank: New Office Pictures
So after seven months in two separate temporary offices, we’ve cleared a major milestone. We just moved into our permanent home at College and Metcalf in Overland Park, Kansas! As of January 16th, 2018, we are the newest FDIC approved full bank branch in Kansas City!
Getting here was similar to renovating a house. It started with a dream about how we wanted it to look and feel, followed up with hundreds of decisions about the intricate details you never really think about. Special thanks to the awesome Gita Smith for handling all of them, along with the team at JLL. In the end, our dream became a reality.

We are Core Bank!

We are a full service bank with all the bells and whistles of the newest generation of banks. We’re fully equipped with the necessities of a vault, ATM, and cash recycler. And we’ve focused on our clients with flat screen TV’s, a Starbucks coffee machine (the Chai Latte is my favorite) and bar top tables.
Core Bank: New Office Pictures Core Bank: New Office Pictures
Doesn’t sound like a normal bank? Great! That was by design.
We believe that banks need to evolve and change to remain relevant. Technology in the hands of great people, providing the best service, while utilizing unique products… is the secret to success and the future of banking. Drive-through lanes are replaced with mobile phone technology. Daily deposit runs are replaced with remote check scanners. Cash? There are ATM’s everywhere.
But what about the people? Fear not! People can never be replaced. However, we believe that we should come to you rather than make you come to the bank. But if you happen to be driving by 7400 College Boulevard, stop in for a free cup of Starbucks coffee or maybe a latte? We would love to see you.
Welcome to the New Core Bank. Welcome to the future of banking.