It's not our age that determines our success, it's our attitude.

Feb 21, 2018 | Business, Kansas City

By David Chew, SBA Credit Analyst, Core Bank
Here’s a fun fact; Millennials will make up 44% of the workforce in 4 years. The next closest generation will be Gen X with 31%. Whether we’re ready or not, Millennials are changing the way companies do business.
Effective use of technology and the ability to perform job duties on the go is more important than it’s ever been. An article from the American Bankers Association stated that 77% of Millennials always have their phone with them. We adopt new technologies quickly, and make them part of our daily lives.
With this information it makes me ask myself, “Where do I fit in?” And, “What can I do to bridge the gap between Millennials, Gen X, Gen Z, and Boomers?”
As a millennial who has been in the banking industry for 2 years, I believe there’s one thing all generations relate to and accept. It’s in line with the values I grew up on: work hard, take pride in the work you do, and treat others the way you want to be treated.
As a millennial banker who wants to become a relationship manager/lender, age is not a barrier to success. I determine how successful I want to be in reaching my own goals. Every generation speaks and understands the language of hard work and desire to make something of themselves. With this being said, we may not do things the same way that other generations do. And we will be quick to give suggestions on new and efficient ways of using technology to improve businesses. Older generations are more likely to listen when you prove to them you work hard, take pride in the work you do, and have the needs of the customer on your mind.
Whether Gen X and Millennials like it or not, we will make up 75% of the workforce in 4 years. Therefore, to be successful in working with each other, it’s not our age that determines our success, it’s our attitude. With the influx of Millennials into the workforce, I’m excited to see how this all plays out.