Do you have Socks Appeal?

Mar 21, 2018 | Core Bank, Kansas City, Personal

By Jason Moxness, Market President, Core Bank
Core Bank: Lose The Tie
Last summer, I wrote a blog about my personal Revolution (or maybe Evolution) about my battle with every banker’s strangling nemesis – the classic neck tie! I’m happy to report that I’m now 183 days free from the bondage of that piece of silk that has defined our industry… all to uphold the image of success and professionalism.
Since that day of emancipation, I can tell you that it has changed me for the better. It’s allowed me to think about what else I can change about my professional wardrobe. For years, you were coached by suit tailors everywhere that you should hem your slacks with a full break and a cuff to make sure you cover all your assets. Well I say cover them no more! It’s time to expose your true personality. It’s time to show your Socks Appeal!
According to Men’s Magazine – Men who wear Unusual Socks are more Creative, Intelligent and Successful. And a recent study in the Journal of Consumer Research suggests that wearing colorful socks speaks volumes about someone’s Individuality, Creativity and Intelligence.

Creative, Intelligent and Successful? Sign me up!

Core Bank: Jason Moxness and Socks Appeal
So I’ve started my journey into the world of colorful socks, and the more I search, the more I realize that there’s a whole new world out there if you are daring and rebellious enough to try. Who knew that burning my ties six months ago was a gateway behavior to seeking out wild socks?
The journey has not been easy given that I’m a size 15 shoe, and it seems that only little people are allowed to have fun with their wardrobe in this world. So I started with just the basics since that’s all I could find – a little Argyle, a Stripe or maybe a Polka Dot Pattern.
But then for Christmas this year, my wife Paige gave me the gift that keeps on giving. You guessed it – The Sock of the Month Club!  On a monthly basis I get a private and discrete package of Extra Large Socks delivered right to my door. It’s like Christmas every month. I haven’t worked up the courage, or found the right occasion, to wear them all yet, but the day is coming when I become the Chairman of the Bold or the Sultan of Sass.
Until then, I’m enjoying adding just a little more color and personality to my otherwise conservative wardrobe that we as bankers take so much pride in.
How about you? Do you have Socks Appeal?