Employee Spotlight: Erin Robinson

Mar 29, 2018 | Kansas City, SBA

By Erin Robinson, SBA Loan Administrator, Core Bank
When I was in elementary school and middle school, I thought I knew what I wanted to be when I got older – a kindergarten teacher. Then in high school, I decided I wanted to get into politics – the behind the scenes researcher, speech writer, campaigner type of career. I started college with this in mind.
As seems to happen often in life, one thing leads to another and I end up starting my career in the banking field. Twenty-one years ago I started working in the commercial loan department at a local bank.  I’m still in the banking field… and loving it!
The first ten years of my banking career consisted of commercial lending. Some loan documentation, some financial analysis, a brief stint in sales. The borrowers were often big corporations with thousands of employees. And this was a good, stable career for me.
Then about eleven years ago I was fortunate enough to be in a position to put on the SBA hat (you can wear many hats in a community bank setting) and learn a ton about the Small Business Administration and the programs it offers small businesses.
This aspect of the banking world has been so refreshing to me. I’ve seen so many success stories; from a small business able to open their second location to a career 8 to 5 corporate guy quitting his job to buy a lawn sprinkler installation company and be his own boss. I’ve seen a manager of a day care center be able to buy the center and become a small business owner.  I’ve seen companies in danger of shutting down benefit from the SBA program by refinancing their debt and giving them a longer term.
When I come to work, I feel purposeful and that my job is helping a small business or small business owner. So even though I didn’t end up being a teacher or on Capitol Hill, I’m happy and feel fortunate for the position I’m in and the real lives that SBA lending touches.