Super Women Business Series: The Fabric Chic, LLC

Apr 4, 2018 | Core Bank, Kansas City, SBA

By Alicia Walker, SBA Relationship Manager, Core Bank

“Fabric of the Universe”

After her home “world” was destroyed by an unexpected, disastrous event (or you can call it the downsizing of her Vice President position after being in the corporate “world” for over 25 years), a little known super heroin made a decision to find a new world to inhabit… far, far away (well, actually just Parkville, MO…but still.) And so begins the journey of a new super woman business owner. Dun, dun, dun, dun (that’s the music from the movies.)
So here I am again doing what I love to do as a Banker and women-owned business owner myself. And, that’s to showcase another “super” woman business owner. Introducing our newest client in our Super Women Business Series, Cindy Farrow, founder, owner and creative mind behind The Fabric Chic, LLC.

The Fabric Chic

The Fabric Chic is a specialty fabric, quilting and sewing shop that sells high-quality quilting and garment fabrics, sewing notions, and other sewing products; teaches classes on quilting and sewing; and provides a place for social groups to mingle and practice their quilting craft. And for those of you who don’t sew, notions are small tools and accessories used in sewing, such as marking pens, thread, and seam rippers. See, you learn something every day.  (Believe me, my sewing knowledge and experience was limited to using safety pins to attach buttons!)

This isn’t your grandmother’s quilting shop.

No, this is a modern, hip, fresh twist on a fabric and quilt shop. With sleek black shelves and beautiful hardwood floors, The Fabric Chic is decked out with bolts of bright, exotic, fun, children’s and other contemporary themed fabrics and all the notions your little heart could desire. And, those teaching classes, well some are classes for new sewers. But, I’m interested in the Sew and Sip socials that include all the right “beverages” to make the quilting and sewing experience even more fun.

Quilting is more than bed coverings. Quilting is a community.

As far back as pioneer days, women would come together, each bringing blocks of fabric to be combined into one quilt.  These quilting “socials” if you will, were a way for women to provide life-saving warmth for their families and a time of companionship when the men were away. Today, according to a 2014 Quilting in America survey, the community of quilters includes around 16 million people (that’s 1 out of every 20 Americans) with the annual buying power of over $3.76 billion!
While some super heroes uses swords, shields and laser vision to protect and service, our Super Women Business Series heroine, Cindy Farrow, uses fabrics, Italian threads, and quilting classes, to change the world… at least for her family, quilters, garment makers, crafters, and anyone looking to have an amazing quilting, sewing and learning experience!